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  1. Anybody got a picture of a 99-03 black stang with a kaminari body kit on it? Or could someone with photoshop please do me a huge favor and tak the picture from kaminari and paint the whit stang with the kit black?
    I really need this done please!!!!!
  2. yup

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  3. more

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  4. Please don't ruin a clean car by putting that on it. Please....
  5. Either Stalker or (real) Saleen.
  6. I say just Saleen. Stalkers really only look good on Fox cars.
  7. Ima have to disagree majorly with that one. I think they only look good on 94+ cars. The brand new stalker kit for the 99+ is the best looking one so far. But i still love the kit on my 97!
  8. Ok, who would do that to a nice stang. From that back that car looks like an american ricer! :puke:

    my 2 cents
  9. the front looks like an accord
  10. buys the kit isn't bad...its a nice kit but it has to be done with style. for instance on this one the exhaust tips were big enuf to fit a basketball in. Whats whong with people. just find an exhaust that fits. Also the front piece should be using the basic kaminari onpiece hood instead of the grille piece. It looks alot nicer to us a fabricated hood than a fabricated grille.plus that kit should not and i say it again SHOULD NOT be used on a hard top cause then it does look like a honda. Put it on a vert with the saleen tonneau cover and it gives it a whole new look.