Kb 2.2l or turbo-kit?

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  1. I don't think I spend near enough time on the track to warrant a second set of rims. Just trying to find the best balance for the street.
  2. Well depending on how much you drive it on the street stay away from the M/T,they wear out fast.And unlike the BFG and Nittos they get worse with wear.

    I saw Goodyear has a new drag radial out,I think that might be worth looking into.
  3. I'll definitely be looking for something allot stickier than what I've got once the 31 spline, etc. goes in. Other improvements also forthcoming.

    As it is, I'd be afraid to get too much traction back there and leaving my rear-end spread all over the highway. hehe
  4. Dagger- Did you see the new 555RII's? I heard they were like a drag radial with good cornering ability.

    I'm close to dishing out the money for a Flowzilla....but it's a huge investment. I like the fact that in 2 years I can sell it and get 70-80% of my money back.
  5. What kinda suspension set-up you got?
  6. Yeah... resale has historically been really good for these units. I think primarily because so few sell them once they get them. Occationally I see them on ebay and you're right. They go for about 80% of original cost.
  7. Not much is changed beyond stock at this point. I've got some knock-off lower control arms installed that I got second hand but have been putting additional mods off until the 5 lug conversion is complete.

    I've got the entire rear end out of a 94 that I'm converting over to 31 spline with a set of 3:55s and Moser axles. I really like the MM upper and lowers and would also like to install the MM panhard bar.

    Down the road the MM 3 link is what I'd like to finally end up with but there's a lot of exhaust modification that's required in order to clear the X-Pipe. The hury is still out on whether I cut up my Bassanni exhaust in order to accomodate it.
  8. Oh so you want ot be more of a road car?

    Yea MM makes the stuff for that.

    I take it you got full exhaust out to tail pipes?That what you would have to modiefy?
  9. Yep... SS Bassanni all the way out the back. The instructions on MM's website seem to be pretty detailed and called for some cutting and refitting. I may end up sticking with the 4 link setup and making it as good as I can. The thought has also crossed my mind to keep rubber bushings in the whole thing with the installation of the panhard bar. Don't really see the need for spherical or urathane bushings if the bar is taking care of laterally positioning the axle housing.

    Of course, I'll run whatever bushings come with the MM control arms but would like to stay clear of the solid or spherical bushings and have the bar take on those functions.
  10. Hey Dag, bfg drag radials are really nice for the street. My cousins 11 sec 357 would dead hook on dry pavement AND in wet weather. Life span is also pretty decent figuring its a drag radial, much better than an et street.
  11. Since we are back on the technical aspect of this thread, I have 2 questions for you Dag's:

    1) Does the snout of the KB clear any strut tower brace? I need to retain my strut brace for obivous structural reasons. I am pretty crafty so I should be able to come up with a custom adaption if need be (to the brace)

    2) Under driven pulleys? Can you retain the U/D's and use a overdriven pulley on the blower to compinsate?
  12. Thanks, I'll have to check those out. I've got a small list going of possibles to look more into as time gets closer.
  13. If you have a brace that's designed pretty much for stock intakes and the like, it will not fit without a good bit of fabrication. I do not run a strut tower brace but I've talked with some others that have run the Kenny Brown brace for larger intakes with some modifications. I've no idea how much of a modification had to be done to make it fit.

    Clicky here to see the brace that was used.

    Edit: I'm thinking that clearing the snout wouldn't be as much of a problem as bolting the brace up to the firewall. The back of the blower kinda tucks up under the forward cowl in the rear of the engine bay. Looking at it, I can see why they used that particular brace. It's open in the back and bolted on either side.

    As for underdrive pullies: I don't supposed it would matter so long as you weren't using and underdrive crank pulley.
  14. I only banged off a 1.6 sixty foot. most of my suspension is stock. I was running at 1700ft with a passenger however. I'll try again this year at sea lvl. I hope for 10's