Kb 2.2l or turbo-kit?

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  1. Well that was a good post dag, so thumbs up to you :nice:
  2. I have to salute Daggar for that post :flag:
  3. Excellent post. Very well written. I like the big block feel also.

    How about any kills with the KB? :D
  4. yea Daggar lets hear some kill stories with that bad boy....make me want it more :rolleyes:
  5. Did you need an aftermarket hood for the KB?
  6. noobe here, what does KB stand for? from reading i gather its a type of turbo. can someone clearify the acronym :shrug:
  7. The 1.5L kit requires no aftermarket hood while the 2.2L kit can. At minimum, you'll need to remove the hood liner if you haven't already. I already had the 2.5 in. cowl on the car prior to the KB install so did not have any clearance problems.

    Most recent kills inlcude a Turbo 300Z with an annoyingly loud BOV from a stoplight and a cetriugal blown Fox that looks allot like MOB's in color and stance.

    The 300Z was all show. Big fat spoilers, expensive rims, ear piercing stereo system and some middle aged punk that couldn't drive. He pulled up next to me at the light and revved once or twice so that I hear his BOV and I dunno... FEAR HIM, maybe. Once the light turned I started out normally to see if he was going to jump. I hit the gas just as soon I heard the turbos start to whine, put one or two car lengths on him then shut it down. He didn't look over at all when he flew past my brake lights.

    The Mustang was allot more fun. I picked the fight cause I could hear his blower whine while I was sitting behind him at the traffic light. He gave it a little juice to get us ahead of traffic then waited for me to pull along side. I hit the gas right after he did (we were in a very slow cruise kinda blocking traffic behind us). This is a straight road for between a quarter to a half mile until a set of train tracks and bridge leading over a river. Just as soon as I hit the gas I started leaving him behind. Not sure how many car lengths as I was keeping my eyes on the coming train tracks (there's a pretty rough bump there). I could see him full view in my rear mirror and he was slowly gaining by the time we shut it down for the train tracks. We exchanged thumbs up and went our separate ways both feeling good about being Mustang owners. hehe

    Before that, it was a Chevy Elcamino. Sounded very healthy and stout but had no power adder that I could hear. That one was a slaughter but still good fun and thumbs up exchanged. I think he figured to pick on a stock 5oh and had probably done it before. There's really no tell tale signs from a KB until you're at WOT and it starts to make noise.

    Most ricers, I don't bother with. Maybe just give em a good bark of the tires from cruise speed just to say "How Ya Doin".

    I'm not the type that'll hit the road weaving in and out of traffic just so I can show em what's what although I've been guilty once or twice of leaving a couple high speed tailgaters well behind, just for fun. Usually, that type will settle down once they see how quickly you can leave them. It seems like turbo neons, and BMWs are the worst for that sort of thing.

    I definitely let allot more opportunity go than don't. Must be old age and a touch of common sense kicking in. LOL
  8. Whats going on in here?
  9. Yep, thats the one, on 17in street tires, 36lb faulty injectors, and 7cylinders.

    After the mix up was all ironed out, the car made 680hp on 12 psi, 93 octane. It was a street car, not a 1/4 mile car.
  10. I'm up for lynching from an angry mob because turbo wasn't my first choice in a power adder. :rolleyes:
  11. im on your side dag. i would take that 4 eye any day...mhhm! beautiful. if i had the money, a KB is the FIRST thing i would order.
  12. +1
  13. I for one think this entire post is a waste unless a person is willing to shell out the money for an R block or Dart. And that would be immediately, not in the future. Cost of that completely done will be what, about $6000, for the shortblock alone.

    And if they are not willing to or don't have the cash, an S trim would be the best choice for a street car, with a stock block.
  14. as usual, he has a very valid point. any turbo kit and essentially any KB have equal potential to give you two lancer evo blocks (the hard way).
  15. ....and a vortech s-trim doesnt :rlaugh:
  16. Well this is one reason I went with a turbo. With the stock block, it will last much longer because of the reduced stress on the internal parts.
  17. Dagger how fast is your car in the 1/4 mile. for that matter how fast are the turbo guys car 2?
  18. who said lynch?....:D
  19. dagger if you noticed in one of my first post in this thread was "depends on what you want and can handle installing yourself"? nothing wrong with the kb at all im more of a turbo guy(the name says it all), but only the twin screw could even think about holding a candle to one. i got into the whole whats better jive aswell, just defending/educating the ignant.:nice:
    nice long post by the way, you really know how to kill something on a path:hail2: