KB Cobra wreck

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  1. I'm guessing that he probably trailored it home too. :lol:
  2. Ya think?

  3. The person I really feel bad for is the person in the white Honda SUV on the other side of the road that got tossed over 2 lanes when they got hit...probably never even saw it coming...
  4. I was a participant at Mustang Week

    The amazing thing is..


    That this reckless driving continued throughout the week! The Staff at Mustang Week had to continuously plead for drivers to drive safely during the Car Show and the Cruise in at Colonial Mall. This behavior does nothing but ruin the event for others. I'll bet the Mall will not allow us back next year! I left at the end of the show pulling out at the same location and yes there are people lined up and down the sides of highway 17 with cameras and videos begging you to "light'em up"! Yes people standing in the same location where the Cobra crashed! Can you imagine what could have happen 2nd time around with spectators? Mustang Week Staff put it this way.."We have heard these cars hundreds of times and we all know they are powerful and can burn the tires! Please drive responsibly" Temptation? Yes, but it was easy for me to pull out on hwy 17 and slowly drive away with everone pushing for a burnout. Lesson learned!!!!!I have a 650 hp car also but there is a time and a place no matter what your age is. I was a miracle no one was injured in that accident. I'll bet attorneys for the accident victims are lining up for liability suits and these videos will do nothing but support those cases!! My opinion only...
  5. Too many immature people driving cars with too much horsepower.

  6. Describes the typical 'stang owner. :rlaugh:

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :lol:

    Oh wait, I own one too. :doh:

  7. I completely agree. Situations like this also bring into question the validity of building a 600+ HP car. I am quite certain its not envy when I say that my 97 cobra has PLENTY of power for a street car. I am planning on building up my 86 LX coupe with a 427 stroker, but its gonna be a drag car only, and maybe car shows.

    The ease at which someone can transform a 390hp cobra into a 600+ HP street monster is almost trivial these days. How long before the insurance companies slam ALL Cobra (and other high HP potential car) owners with high insurance rates.
  8. How long before the insurance companies slam ALL Cobra (and other high HP potential car) owners with high insurance rates.[/QUOTE]

    Right. That's the worst part. Cobra's are already on insurance hit lists.

    10 years ago, it took a bit of work to get your 5.0 into the 10's and you needed to know what you were doing, and most importantly, I know everything is relative, but come on. It took every dime I had back then to eek 400 hp out of my 94 Cobra.
    Today, all you need to do is go down and visit Kenne Bell or Whipple, and if you know a good dyno man, it's 600 rwhp easy. Some may say that's the problem.
    The true bummer for this guy is that he is WORLD mustang community famous for his collision because of our beloved internet. He can always buy another car.
  9. Again viewing this video, it is truely obvious that this guy cannot drive. He had a lot of room between him and what he hit. I am kinda pissed about that.
    Everyone has heard about that breathalizer that only allows DUI drivers access to their cars if they pass the test, then they can start their car.

    How about a drivealizer test for a new Cobra terminator owner. I get pissed a little bit more every time I see that vid.

    Shoulda known better.
  10. so, you think the city of Myrtle Beach doesnt let Mustang Week come back :shrug: its always a possibility....
  11. ive seen this on another forum and i dont feel bad for him at all (except for the fact that 1 beautiful cobra is now wrecked). take it to the track. be smart on the street. know what your car can do and if you plan to show off, at least use some common sense...
  12. I bet mustangs just moved up a notch on the LEOs hit list too... it's hard enough for me to turn the key without the po-po showing up behind me.

    Well done. I won't give this guy pity, I hope it sticks with him a long time.
  13. I don't know man... 600+ RWHP can get away from you pretty quick if your senses and reflexes are not razor sharp...

  14. Depending insurance companys he might not be hit hard by them. I slid on black ice with my car months ago and totalled it, I found out that my insurance company has a let-it-slide rule for the first time. I maxed the $50K health and $10K for my car (98 R title GT) I had nothing against it from my ins company.

  15. It totally can. Hell, it's difficult enough to control the 455 I have on mine.

    I've seen a similar video in the past of a stock Viper doing the same thing at the track.
  16. How come no body feels bad for the poor Cobra? The car did nothing wrong, it was just the driver...I get teary eyed lol when I see a fellow Cobra all smashed up. I guess I love these things just a lil too much :)
  17. You have to be kidding me. I am at a loss for words on this one. You sir are an ass. :nonono: Next time you lose control of a 10 second cobra let us all know how you managed to stay in control. We are all dying to know. :nice:
  18. Watch the video again, when he swings back around when he first goes sideways.. you can hear him throttling the crap out of it.. maybe by accident. He was probably going 20-30 mph, he could've slammed the brakes on and stopped, and would've looked like a complete dumbass, but still would've had an in-tact cobra.

    You'd think somebody who takes the time to make a 10 second cobra would take a few minutes to learn the fundamentals of how to save a fishtailing car. Rule 1) When you are fighting a losing battle with a nasty fishtail, you hit the brakes.
  19. Sorta ironic... it came on a trailer, it left on a trailer...just looked a little different on the way out...

    I saw that vid a few days ago, it was a jaw dropper for sure. Sucks for that guy, I hope I never f*** up like that.
  20. I to know from experiance that it is way too easy to get overzealous when showing off in front of others. Unfortunately he wasn't as fortunate as I was. I learned my leason.
    I know that when I left the car show there was people lined up alongside the road with cameras. Everyone else in front of me had done a burnout but I resisted temptation and just cruised by. The bad part was there ignorance as I road by they started yelling names like burnout p****y and stuff.
    I know a few of the guys on the MW staff and I remember one of them saying that they were gonna try and get a cop out there to hopefully prevent instances like this and to be welcomed back for years to come.