KB Cobra wreck

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  1. people like that ruin the hobby for the rest of us. i can just see it now, government regulation of sports cars, federally mandated horsepower limits, and mandated dyno testing before vehicle registration. i know i am exsaserbating (spelling?) to make a point but i work for a major insurance company and we flat out do NOT insure sport bikes, why? because there are too many idiots who buy them for one purpose. we in the car hobby feel safe that our passion is "untouchable" but it could happen, more and more companies are refusing to insure sport bikes, and we need to self-regulate, and encourage our car-loving hobbiests to get the racing off the streets and on the local track. oh, and by the way, i am 25 and have been driving (and modifying)muscle cars since i was 19 and i have a clean record. there is no excuse. period.
  2. I watched that clip yesterday, and on my way home the almost same thing happened to me. I was on my street just about 500 feet from my house, when some dumb piece of white trash turned the corner with his 96-97 gt and burned them up. He lost control and almost hit me. He hit the curb on the other side of the street and trashed the drivers front wheel and I'm sure some suspension, but he managed to drive it away. The guy only lived a block away, and I'm thinking he wasn't sober or he just didn't want the embarrassment of the cops or a tow truck driver coming to help. BUT I know it sure did scare the crap out of me! sitting in my commuter focus!
  3. AMEN!!!!

    I am not preaching about street racing. I know it will do no good. If someone wants to race they will.

    HOWEVER learn to drive BEFORE building a 10 second car. Accidents can and do happen but this was driver error. As stated before he could have simply got on the brakes and at least slowed down the process. Or he could have feathered the throttle and saved it. He did stay in the throttle and ended up in ONCOMING traffic.

    Luckily it was stopped traffic. Just think of the bad press if he had killed someone.

    No one was hurt and sheet metal can be fixed. Hopefuly people think twice about "getting on it" in a 10 second car on the street.
  4. All you guys and your "learn how to drive" comments. Please. :nonono:
  5. What is wrong with that? I simply stated my opinion and I stand by the statement that people who drive cars like that need to learn to drive. I am not talking about the bare minimum skills learned in drivers ed I am talking true car control skills.

    I am also of the opinion that 99% of the poeple on the road today can barely drive.

    BTW this and the previous statement are nto meant to be flames. Simply an observation and a question.
  6. i disagree with you there-i think thats rediculous to try to get a cop to come over there to light people up just because they spin the tires or got on it a little bit. i think that 250 is plenty for a 16 year old to handle and i couldnt imagine whats it like to ride in nor less drive a 400-600hp mustang :shrug: . me being one of the people standing on the side of highway 17 watchin these cars go by and jump on it, i found it quite entertaining to see(and hear) all of these amazing cars go by and show off just a little bit. however, i was not off those people yelling bad names at people who didnt want to jump on it-if you pay 35 grand for a car, u should not feel like u have to do what other people want u to do. i hate that this guy totaled his cobra but its just one of those things i guess. :nonono:
  7. 03/04 cobras made normally unobtainable hp numbers readily available. Couple 600hp with a car that doesn't like to hook, and this is an example of what happens.
    I, who has been in many fast cars, am uncomfortable in the Passenger seat of these powerful cobras. (i'm happy to drive one, i just can't handle the loose tires and having no control over it, as a passenger).
    I suspect this has happened many times before, unfortunately for this person it was caught on tape.

    I think we've all done stupid stuff behind the wheel, most were luckily enough to get home, and say "never doing that again" (and most of us do it again anyway).

  8. Changed my mind. Not worth it.

    Since you came outa no where and called me an ass, so be it. Every recent post you have made here has been shot down. Look at the responses. Interesting since I have seen some intelligent comments out of you before. :shrug:
    I totally understand he is a buddy of yours but come on. You can continue to defend him. That's cool. But why call me an ass?

    It's not about someone or anyone having trouble keeping 500 or even 600 rwhp under control like meat said. Look at the 2nd car in my sig.

    Someone earlier pointed out that he was no where near anyone when he started his burnout. Well, look at how fast he got across the street and hit that other car/truck. Tell us what kind of car he owned before this that gives him the skills to own the car he has???
    Or maybe you have not watched that video closely enough but the fact is, if you have a car that makes that much rear wheel H.P, then give it some respect. He should'nt have owned it in the first place. :notnice:

    Bottom line it looks like he panicked to me.

    definition of panic. sudden overpowering fright.
  9. That's the problem, with an 03/04 cobra there is no learning curve. you go from a 20 second suv to an 11 second car with a simple purchase and some minor mods.

    At least with most foxes you start out with some pullies, exhaust, down the road an intake, maybe a year later some heads, and then finally a supercharger.
    All the time learning how to deal with the xtra power.

    Let's be realistic, would any of you get in the car with a friend that got his first mustang and it was an 03/04 cobra and added a kB soon after?
    I wouldn't, i'd rather walk.

    Not that this is this situation, but i do have friends with them, and they act like mustang experts because their car makes 500+ to the wheels.
    You can buy HP, but you can't buy intelligence.

  10. Right.

    Exactly. That's what I touched on in one of my earlier posts. Back in the day it took quite bit of work to get a 5.0 moving. Today, it's just a click away. :rolleyes:
  11. My response to driving through the exit where burnouts are being encouraged by a crowd--turn on the wipers to clear the smoke so I can see. Seriously, that is what I did last time I left the Knott's show. Of course the wife was in the car and 1) I don't want to take chances with her and 2) the nagging I would have received after doing so wouldn't have been worth it. The wipers evoked laughs, not insults. Besides, there was so much smoke I couldn't see to stand on it anyway.

    I do understand the pressure of the crowd, I understand the instance of panic that can occur when the back end goes away, and I understand it CAN get away from you when you think you have it under control. I nearly killed 3 friends (and myself) through driving stupidity--it was a painful learning experience and I am thankful every day that I did not kill or hurt my friends or other motorists. My heart goes out to this guy--I hope he learned something and MOST IMPORTANTLY I hope no one was hurt in this.

    Excuse my public service announcement, but please think twice before getting on it, before street racing, and before passing someone on a two lane.
  12. Nobody was hurt, and thankfully, his girlfriend wasn't in the car.
  13. Seriously! look at that poor steed never gunna ride again... but i cant totally blame the guy.. he made a mistake and effed up...i feel bad for him he must have felt like shi... hopefully he tkaes a lesson out of this. i very minory slide out in my notch and ever since then im super carefull.. i couldnt image wat he felt like... DO'H anyone? and luckily everoen is ok.
  14. i cant feel for him...

    I really wish i could feel for this guy, but the second i got my cobra people looked at me like "your to young for that car, your gonna wrap yourself around a tree." Im 19 with a 94 cobra and a few bolt ons but im stepping up to a 347 stroker. funny how ive never hit any thing in my cobra and never lost control (o yes, i have turned it sidewayz, but not on a public road) or went to fast to slow down. i mean i feel bad for the car, mid life crisis driver perhaps? I guess if i didnt have to fend off the sterotypes that peole give me being a young guy with a fast car i would feel for him, but no, this guy doesnt seem like he deserves a `14 second car.....tryin to hot dog in a ten sec car on the streets...in a public road...moron. and to the guy who knows this dude, tell him i said thanks for showing older people can do stupid things in cobras too
  15. Very very true. Words of wisdom and experience.
  16. Not trying to sound like a butt kisser, but you really do have some great positive things to say. I am in full agreement again. More people need to post intelligent non-opinionated comments like these!
  17. I just watched that video, and that guy looked like an inexperienced 15 year old. I have been sideways way worse than that in not only my car, but other types of vehicles too, on dry pavement, wet pavement and in the snow, and my heart never skipped a beat. I feel controlled....plus I do not do those type of things in public where other people are. That is his own stupid fault...hes lucky he didn't kill somebody...I hope he loses his license...

    P.S. All members that have read this thread, how would you feel if he slammed into your car on the other side of the road while you were parked....think of it that way,...thats why it disgusts me. :fuss:
  18. What is the website for the myrtle beach video?
  19. edit: looks like this topic has been well covered, I should have gone to the end of the thread before replying.

    It's not that he lost it, but where he lost it. If he didn't have the skills to control the car then he shouldn't have jumped on it on a public street. I've had fast cars get away from me on public streets, but not since I was older than 23 or 24 years old. From the sound of it this guy should have known better.
  20. A thread from the dead!!!

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