KB Cobra wreck

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  1. My wreck doesnt look that bad, and i got hit head on by a drunk driver at 130 miles an hour. If anyone wants to see a totaled bullitt let me know, it will make you sick. Also, was mustang week at myrtle beach, south carolina. I saw a whole bunch of mustangs headed down that way when i left sunday july 23rd. Over 50, nothing but cobras, mach 1s, and roush's.
  2. This thread isn't about how bad the wreck was. It was more about how careless the driver was.

  3. Damn, that sounds horrible, I hope you were overall unharmed and walked away from it.

    Yes, Mustang Week was in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  4. you should have seen it in person. everyone in the crowd was running for their lives!!

  5. Yeah i live like 3 hours from there, me and a buddy just went down for the weekend
  6. did a dude mention asshat???
  7. oh my god......IT'S ALIVE!!!:rlaugh:
  8. Link doesnt work :p

    Why are you still up so late? Or are you getting up for work?
  9. Linky Fixt.

    Up so late!? Hah! I'm an old fart... I go to bed by 8PM and am up by 3:30AM. :D

  10. Seeing the video makes me sick to my stomach. I can easily picture my two kids in the SUV that got hit. I don't care how much experience you have - THE STREET IS NOT THE PLACE FOR IT!!! It only takes one time to screw up an innocent person's life. A chance at an awewome burnout is not worth it to me.

    Let's get away from the injury aspect of this idiots behavior and look at the $$$$ value. Sure, there's insurance, but what about the resale value? The value of that SUV dropped in one split second while sitting at a light and it could have been prevented if the mustang had just driven appropriately.

    Friends of this guy can defend him all they want but he's still an IDIOT. Let me clarify one thing, I think he's an idiot because he attempted the burnout, not because he lost control. I also put every driver in the "idiot catagory" that successfully pulled off what he did not.

    If I hit a nerve, then too bad. There is too much HP and too many cars on the road not to have respect for both.:mad:
  11. Ahhh... Since you live on the other side of the coutry, I kinda assumed that you had just gotten up :nice:

    This is what I get on that link:
    You don't have permission to access /080406/crash.wmv on this server.

    You broke it! :p
  12. They must have taken it down... it was sucking up too much bandwidth I guess.

  13. What do you think made the white cobra do that? I didn't hear high rpm shifting. Auto?

    I know it fishtails a bit if you power into 2nd, 3rd.

    Is this the rear end steering itself under power, sort of like you get with no panhard?

    Looks like he locks the brakes too and no countersteer.
  15. uhhhh

    That stinks. We all driven like a maniac at some point..most of us anyway....

    I feel bad for the guy. I never even take my car out anymore because I can't control myself. Since my little encounter with the State POlice about 4 years ago..and going from zero to ten points on my licence in one traffic stop I trailer my car to the track. I am even thinking about taking it off the road entirely, but then how do you break in new clutches?
  16. I seen this video on at least 20 different sites! People have really made fun of him! It's really gotta suck for him. He got caught on tape driving like a jack ass, wiped his car out and jumped the divider to wipe out two more.
    Looks like he just had more than he could handle.