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  1. SO far I'm the only one. I've PM Red Dragon asking for his situation and if his running into the same problem that I have. KB says that the chip is OK and does not need any retuning. :shrug:
  2. I haven't been 135 mph but my car has been on the dyno numerous times in 4th gear up to 6100 rpms or so. I was told that the Kenne Bell chip does not modify the rev limiter whatsoever. But I would ask Ken to be sure. Hopefully you get this resolved soon.
    I would get rid of that BBK and go back to the stock air box to be on the safe side for now.
  3. I will definitely do so. I just read on a different thread the following statement by scheister:

    When you let off the gas at about 4500 rpms and are slowing down, do you hear the exhaust pop and crackle alot? If it is, you are probably running a tad rich.

    That got me wondering. Everytime I let off the gas in the neighborhood of 4500 rpms, I hear a couple of exhaust pops. Is that really a sign of a rich mixture? :shrug:
  4. I thought that meant you were running lean? My a/f was at 14/1 when I was NA and it popped alot on deceleration. I think you are running lean. Maybe you can take your car to ford and have them re flash your computer for the 4th gear rev limiter. That does not sound right. Have you taken it to redline in 4th gear before the KB? I have to say, I am very jealous of you. I want one of those KB kits so bad. Too bad I already sold my GT.
  5. NEVER let ford touch your computer
  6. How does the comp know what gear you are in? It doesn't make sense that the comp can change the rev limiter based on what gear the tranny is in.
  7. Interesting. If this problem gets resolved maybe this will help me figure out what the heck happens to my car after going WOT and upshifting and going WOT again. If I do that too slowly my car hesitates big time. It's like the fuel gets cut off or something.. :shrug:
  8. Are you possibly hitting a speed limiter rather than a rev limiter? :shrug: I know my car falls flat on it's face at 120mph.
  9. This happening after having my computer flashed at a dyno tune of course.
  10. Does Roush put on a speed limiter?
  11. I have an 01, and have had it upwards of about 130mph. I bet it does have something to do with the fact that you have 3.73's and no speed cal. the ECU gets a signal from the Vehicle Speed Sensor in the tranny. If there is a speed topping governor installed in the computer, I bet you are hitting it cause of the 3.73's. Something to look into.........
  12. I've heard of 2000 Gt's with the 16 inch wheels having a speed limiter! Only the ones with 16 inch wheels. The 17's don't have it! Maybe Roush used a car that had 16 inch wheels as a base for your car. I hope this helps! Not many GT's came with 16" but a few did!
  13. no KB here (YET), but as for a CAI suggestion. Anderson Motorsports has a ceramic coated CAI that has a large diameter pipe, that holds the air meter at the very end of it outside of the engine bay, so no bends before it. I run one N/A with a Pro m-77mm. Good luck. I can't see how the rev limiter is differnt in 4th either.:scratch:
  14. That is something that I need to look into. May be is a speed limiter that's cutting my off and not the rev limiter. It is very strange that the rev limiter kicks in at 6100 rpms from 1st to 3rd gear while it kicks in at 5400 rpms in 4th gear :confused: But to be honest, I'm not worried about this issue. My main concern right now is the fact that I'm, allegedly, running lean. Although there is no sign of detonation/knockig or whatsoever. And the car is responding very fast when I floor it. It could also be that the A/F measuring instrument was not calibrated. Thank you all for pitching in and posting all your ideas/comments.
  15. hey el kid did your boost-a-pump come with an adjustment knob?
  16. There ya go. They probably put a SPEED limiter on 4th gear. Correct your speedo and you'll get your 6150 back.
  17. How the hell do you go to 135MPH in 4th @ 5,4000 RPM with 373's? I trap at 113 with 4.10's @ 6K rpm's in 4th. Damn, I need some 3.73's so I can actually pass through the traps at WOT instead of backing it out at 1,000' due to bouncing off of the rev limiter.

  18. He isnt, his speedo isnt corrected
  19. Right, I have not recalibrated my speedo. Therefore, my speed is not correct. However, it felt REALLY fast. I estimate the real speed to be between 110-120 mph.
  20. It did not. I called KB about this issue and they explained that they've eliminated the voltage adjustment knob on the 2v kit. The BAP has been set up in such a way to increase the fuel pump voltage by 50% all the time (or as long the pressure switch senses 3.5 psi of boost or more). This is becuase the fuel pump in GTs is not as good as that of Cobras. They need to delete the knob from the BAP installation instructions as it is confusing. I went nuts looking around for the knob...I thought they didn't ship it.