KB install progress

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  1. Welcome to the KB club:nice:
  2. you'll get customer service untill something goes wrong with the supercharger. then they will most likely tell you to call kb. thats what most places do that sell vortech, paxton, or pro charger. then your back to kbs crapy customer service.

  3. With only weld in mufflers and my 2.1L at 9psi I put down 366/384 through my auto on the KB tune.

    Enjoy it the KBs are a blast!
  4. Isn't that pretty much exactly what I said? :shrug:

  5. Sweet dude, how did you manage to score the hobby shop?...wouldn't they just charge you to do it themselves....thanx for this info though...very informative....as well as darkside :SNSign:
  6. my dad is retired army so we get access to quantico and you pay like 4 bucks an hour to use the hobby shop and everything in it. they have it all from engine lifts to 4 wheel alignment machines. its nice.
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    Thats what I was thinking :lol:

    You would think he just said the correct answer in response to some impossibly hard question :shrug:
  9. Just as a suggestion, you may too look at the Scaler in the tune. It looks like "Time Delay to Open Loop ECT"is set at 4 or 5 . Should be at Zero. Also check "Time Delay to Open Loop RPM" in the Scaler. That's probably why it is holding AFR at 14 plus.
  10. im hoping to get this sucker on the dyno next week sometime. I kinda wish i would have gotten the car on the dyno with the 200 shot lol. with my 100 shot it dynoed 358rwhp and 460rwtq lol. i can only imagine what the 200 shot would have been on torque.
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    I took it as though he may have been posting his results in contradiction to my statement, that's why I reafirmed it afterwards.
  12. you should look into snipers comando software. it will cost you less then half of the price of pro-racer since you already have the sf kit. thats the route iam going.
  13. I know KB is pretty clear on their web site about re-tuning. As it states, they "lock their tunes whenever possible" so you can't mess with them. To re-tune you will need to send your ECU back to them for re-calibration, otherwise all bets are off.
    Here is a qoute from their site:
    "Now, if a tuner decides to start from scratch and modify all that is required to accomplish this -GOODLUCK! Just don’t call us."
  14. ^ ya thats why i was thinking about going with pro racer package just because then i could get a good tune from a dyno tuner near me and then when i decide to increase boost levels ill be able to make adjustments myself cause im going to get a wideband.
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    this broken foot stuff still sucks i get the pins taken outta my foot now on my 21st birthday. I get to drive 4 hours at 1030 at night on night before my birthday then get a lil bit of sleep on my birthday and go to an early appt. then drive all the way back to school.

    at least ill be able to drive my car on the way back.