KB install progress

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  1. That depends.....don't they freeze your foot to take the pins out? Unless they can localize it to one specific area, are you sure you want to drive with no feeling in your foot?
  2. well it depends on what they do. if i dont have feeling in that foot then no i wont be driving it back. and it also depends on how long i wont have feeling too so who knows. i just miss driving my car.:(
  3. where exatly do you live? i would go to the sniper forums and check to see if there is anyone near you to tune your car before switching over to sct.
  4. If hes coming back down near Roanoke I can hook it up with a tune with the Sniper software, I checked his air/fuel for him when he was on the nitrous
  5. yea we could probably do that man ill be back down in radford on thursday. but wont have my car for a few weeks because of my foot. but ill let you know and we could probably go ahead and get a tune from you cause ill get a new maf and another pulley and the big tube kit. I wanna run 12psi and leave it there till the motor is built.
  6. Sniper MAF ? If so let me know ill get you a good deal on one
  7. either way i was looking into the sct big air but i am looking for one that i can grow with a bit too. not sure how the sniper maf stacks up against the sct.

    I am looking to spray a 100 shot after i build the motor just for a lil while until i get the TT setup as wel so i want an maf that could handle that.

    just looked up the sniper bazooka maf looks pretty good.

    what do you charge for dyno tunes?
  8. dyno tunes are 150 per hour / SCT maf is 2800KG/hr // Sniper is 3000KG/hr
  9. Hey , if your looking to get a TT set up......what are you gonna do with your KB ????:rolleyes:
  10. So is this thing installed yet? What are all these "extra upgrades" going to cost?
  11. i will be keeping the KB. ever heard of compound boost:rolleyes::D

    its the hellion twin turbo kit that is made for roots style blowers.

    yea its installed. the big tube kit is like 500 dollars or so but i probably wont get that because it comes with another TB and another MAF and i think i want something a lil bigger than the maf they give ya.

    I am going to run it like it is for about a year and then the motor will get built and ill probably spray a lil nitrous on top of it for a while until i get the money for the compound boost system from hellion then i plan on having an 800rwhp car hopefully i can get that on a street tune
  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHATEVER!!!!

    jk, make sure you get a video in for us once your foot heals up. :nice:
  13. dont worry ill get tons of good videos up once im better ill probably spend a whole day straight in my car.:D
  14. What?!?!?! Your going to let a minor inconvenience like a numb foot keep you from driving???? Tach + boost gauge = feeling for how much throttle your giving her :nice:
  15. :lol: :rlaugh: :cheers::rock:
  16. lol its my clutch foot thats janked up lol if it was my right foot i would be good to go but with this dumb cast i cant lift my foot high enough to put it on the clutch lol.

    the only car im driving around is my moms explorer lol
  17. I think I would sell the 04 and just get like a GT500 or 500KR as my starting platform. It would take less time to do all the upgrades. Besides, you don't need to do any engine work, it can handle it. Why invest another 20-30K in an 04?
  18. Cause Compound Boost is teh own....
  19. as of right now my car is worth 10 grand. why would i wan the gt500 that costs 60k with all the dealer markups and as of right now ill bet a gt500 would still lose to my car lol. gt500 is slower in teh 1/4 to the termi.:bs:

    and i like the looks of my car way more than the s197 style. i dont really like those big boats lol just not for me. 03/04 cobra maybe but i plan on getting one of those after i graduate college and TTing that anyways so why not have a nasty GT and a nasty Cobra lol.

    with the degree i am getting there is really no limit to what i can make in life so im not too worried about putting money into things.

    besides whats 20 k more in mods to spending 50k on a stock car that would get smoked in every way to mine and then i would have to spend 20k in the gt500 anyways to make it just as fast because i would have to compensate for that heavy thing lol i just see buying one of those making much sense right now.
  20. Gearbanger 101...just an FYI. Got a call from a bud of mine today who sprung for the Tork Tech kit. He called today to brag. It made 435 rwhp and 455 rwt. I told him to turn around and go back to his tuner and tone it down. It won't last at those numbers. Base lined at 238 rwhp. Almost like double.

    Installed it himself in 6 hours in his garage, then headed for his local dyno guy. He said it made 389 x 405 out of the box, but when finished it hit the numbers I mentioned. He promised me a dyno sheet tomorrow.