KB install progress

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  1. Very impressive. :nice: Is that making only the base 9lbs of boost? Can't say I've ever seen a Kenne Bell in either 1.7L or 2.1L put out those kinds of numbers with their base intercooled kit....at least not on pump gas without resorting to a much smaller blower pulley? :shrug:

    You said he baselined at 238rwhp? What kinds of mods did he have done to the car previously?
  2. He got the tuner kit, so I'm not sure of what he already had in terms of parts. Hopefully when I see the dyno sheet it will have the boost curve on it. I do know it was a 3.1 upper and 7 3/4 lower like on the 03-04 Cobra. It was on 93 Octane. Some certified SCT tuner tuned it in OH. Way too much HP for stock rods and stock slugs.
  3. Awesome.....I hope Jim Bell is paying attention, because it seems he no longer holds the major monopoly on the 2-valve blower market. He's had a pretty good head start on the market and he does puts out a great kit, but it's easy to be on top when you haven't got any competition. ;)

    I think once this kit really takes off, you'd better tell your buddies at Tork Tech to get ready for some serious mass production.

    ...sorry for the hijack 04GTMustang :D
  4. not a problem man. we're all friends here:nice:

    i am going to try and get to the dyno today and see what the car puts down as well. I am waiting till they open at 10 then im calling them to see if they can put her on the dyno. I am pretty impressed so far with the chip KB gives you. its a pretty good tune from what i have seen so far even though i havent driven it. and man do i love this KB power hits so hard in it. im in love.
  5. Jumpin in late in the thread, but anytime a KB is mentioned I gotta check it out :nice:

    Mine has the 11 psi pulley and custom tune.
    Check out my dyno in my sig to see my air fuel as it stays pretty consistant on the custom tune. Before the tune, he did an initial pull and had to abort as the AF ratio went crazy. Yours does kinda concern me a little.

    When you look at the dyno, you can see another run on the paper of 392 or something close to that. This was my stock 9 lb pulley run with the KB tune.
    Anyway, kudos on the install and glad to hear its up and running.
    Great Job!
  6. well we raced my brother at the airport and it was pretty much game over for him lol. we even did high rolls for him to give him the advantage and we jumped hard and he couldnt pull back and we continued our pull.

    my buddy was driving my car and i was passenger my brother was driving his and my youngest brother was passenger.

    we did many pulls with my car in front every time. from a 50 though we only got him by about a car and a half but still had a steady pull. from a 35 to 40 we got him by around 2 we didnt do a 2nd gear run though cause my brother didnt wanna go that low so we hit it in 3rd and just tore him apart lol
  7. ^ I didnt catch what you were racing???? But hey you won in any case! Thats the good thing!
  8. I beleive his brother has an 05+ GT with a blower on it???

    Sounds bad ass man. I bet your car pulls like a freight train!!!
  9. Are you going to a Dynojet 30 inch drum non EC or a Mustang Dyno EC loading 58 inch drum? Usually a fair amount of difference between the 2.
  10. i believe it's 05+ with a centri blower on it
  11. yea it was my brothers 07 GT mustang we raced. he has a procharger on 10 psi. it dynoed 471rwhp. it was a major ownage for his car lol i thought he would pull back up top but it wasnt even close it was still pulling away even up top