KB or Vortech?

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KB or Vortech

  1. KB

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  2. Vortech

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  1. Thinking logically and economically...which one would you prefer? Which one is better for your money. I know that it's 2 totally different formats of superchargers, but I'd like to hear some opinions on this.
  2. I'd go for the KB. I'd like to feel that boost come on early.
  3. Oh no, not another blower poll.
  4. From what I've seen, the KB puts out better power :shrug:

    KB :nice:
  5. Yes, I know I know...there's been alot of them lately. But I wanted this one to be more of a which one's more "bang for your buck" type poll. :nice:
  6. Stock block, I would go with the KB. Built motor with all the bells and whistles, I would go with vortech, novi, procharger style blower.
  7. Bumpdiddy bump bump bump...
  8. If were talking bang for the buck how much do both cost?
  9. I think the Vortech's usually run at like $3500 and the KB is like $5000. Correct me if I'm wrong. :shrug:
  10. Around $4K for the 8psi KB kit I believe
  11. Well, I just went through what you are going through and I went Vortech. I think it comes down to your needs and goals.
    For me, my goals weren't super high power levels and 11 sec slips. I am building my car to be well balanced fun car to drive. I didn't want a future of dyno tunes, I wanted a proven kit that could satisfy my power goals that wouldn't need a lot of attention.
    Answer: Steeda/Vortech. This package can make stock block breaking power if you want it to, but is reliable and relatively trouble free.

    Sure I would have loved to have full boost at 2k, but my car is built for the roadcourse. I don't honestly believe the car could handle that much low end torque, traction wise. I also feel better knowing the steeda tune can pull timing and add fuel if conditions get bad while open tracking where the car is run hard for twenty minutes at a time versus a few seconds at the strip. Finally, I move around a lot (military) and didn't want to worry about the tune after moving to a different elevation/location.

    Of course everbody on here is voting for the KB, because it makes gobs of power. But the steeda/vortech setup can match the 1/4 mile times and trap speeds for $1000 less.

    These are just my opinions, and things I considered. for what its worth, your mileage may vary. I really like the KB kit and was real close to getting it, I just don't think its as proven as the route I chose. I wasn't willing to risk it when the Vortech satisfies my goals.
  12. go to www.kennedysdynotune.com they have a gt 03 cobra comparison, the gt comes out better and The difference is $5,890 with the total cost of the cars. it says that there car makes 377 rwhp, i've seen cars getting like 400 with a catback, and theres the big tube kit, 75mm throttle body, 90mm maf(i think that wut it is) and a better air filter. i wen through this same decision, i decided to go with kb instead of cobra.
  13. interesting article...
  14. This is what I find interesting about that article:

  15. LOL! :rlaugh: That's a good point...and the reason I posted this thread.
  16. Thats pretty damn expensive and almost twice what I paid.
  17. It's not that you're wrong, but you almost have to compare things that come with the kits too. For example, an 8psi mongoose kit or something similiar will cost 4k by the time you get gauges and stuff. This is non-intercooled. The KB non-intercooled, costs about the same.
    The intercooled KB is about another $1000.00 or so, same with a centri style supercharger.

    Another point that is not "bang for the buck," but the tuning ease factor. If you don't have a custom tuner, the centrifugal style blower is more common on 4.6 mustangs than the KB is, now anyway. If you absolutely had to have a mail order tune, I would feel safer going with the Vortech at this time. Of course I'm referring to a Steeda tuned vortech kit, not a Vortech $3200.00 non-intercooled kit.
  18. first off, go turbo. second, go kb, I mean, ALL factory supercharged cars have roots style and none (that my wee lil brain can think of) have centrif's... I don't know why, but centri's scare me.

  19. How about one of the fastest production cars (if not the fastest!) :
    :hail2: The koeninsegg :hail2:

    From www.supercars.net

    "The specially developed semi-stressed supercharged and intercooled Quad Cam 4 valve 4.7l V8 engine delivers 655 smooth horsepowers at 6,800 rpm and 750 nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. Its very low weight, only 240 kg, has been achieved with the use of carbonfiber, titanium and aeroplane specified aluminium alloy. Carbonfiber valve and timing covers save about 12 kg compared to conventional materials. This combined with its small outer dimensions makes it ideal for use in a super car.

    The centrifugal supercharging system is coupled to a large size intercooler with lightweight carbonfiber ducts and end-tanks. The intercooler manages to lower the charged intake air temperature from 150 degrees C to a mere 60 degrees C, allowing for a 1.2 bar boost pressure with a compression ratio of 8.6:1.