KC Clutch question, who screwed me?...provider or installer


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Dec 3, 2003
Hey guys,
Wanted to know if I could get your input relating to my King Cobra clutch relacement fiasco. I ordered a King Cobra clutch kit online for my 01GT. The only disclaimer on the website (to remain nameless) was that this would not fit the T3650 transmission. I verified that I had the T45 transmission from both my VIN code and listing on my door panel. I took the clutch to get installed and the next day the shop stated that they packaged the wrong size clutch disk. It came with a 10.5" disk which would not work, and I needed an 11" disk. Nowhere in the website did it mention this. So since he was charging me just for hogging up one of his car bays aside from the labor (and my lack on clutch knowledge) I didn't have much time to waste so I had them order and install a KC clutch kit that came with an 11" disk (which over twice as expensive than what I paid on online, although it is warranteed). So I called the website to return it and they said they won't take it back because they have a no return policy for clutches and exhaust, and that what was shipped is what is supposed to fit my GT.

Sorry to ramble, but I'm pretty ticked that I had to spend $340 than I was planning, and I was just wondering...who is in the wrong here. Are there different clutch disk sizes provided with the KC clutch kit? or did the shop I got it installed from take advantage of my lack of clutch knowledge?

Thanks guys

BTW, the King Cobra clutch is a vast improvement from stock.
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Jul 12, 2006
philadelphia pa
Did you call them and verify that it would fit? If you did they should give you your money back.

Also How much would it of cost you to get it replaced? and how long?


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Mar 5, 2002
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Based on what Randy has stated previously, your 01 should have a 6 bolt crank and the normal KC clutch come with a 8 bolt flywheel. I remember more than once Randy stating the character in the VIN would not identify the 6 bolt 8 bolt crank issue. I could be wrong but I think he just restated this fact several days ago, along with the fact that the FRPP catalog had some misleading info which was copied onto other companies websites (like 5.0resto and others).

The shop was probably correct. You need a 6 bolt flwheel.