Keep factory speakers or replace with these?

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  1. hi guys. i just bought a 2004 mustang v6 3.9L :D

    i have a pair of sony 6x9 speakers from a previous installation. they're nothing real special, but i'm wondering how the stock mach-mp3 stereo speakers stand up against them. what would you do? keep or replace?

    MODEL # XS-GT6935A

    here's what the head unit looks like
  2. You would have to modify the speakerbox under the rear shelf package tray. Plus you would get no high frequencies sent to them. I am assuming that you have the MACH460 stereo. Ford went to an 8 speaker design with the 460 stereo. It consists of 4 1.5" "tweeters" running off the Deck with only high frequencies. Then there is 2 amps mounted under the package tray on the speaker box. Each amp is Mono running the front and rear 5x8's respectively. For a stock stereo it sounds pretty damn good. I installed the mach460 stereo (6-disc indash version) in my 93. About to upgrade to Mach 1000 specs. Google that one....
  3. I would call the mach setup mid-grade, so if you are just trying to replace it with mid grade equipment, it's not worth the effort.