Engine keep gt40p and tubular intake or Trickflow?

darryl paarman

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Aug 13, 2013
ft bragg nc
I have just removed my GT40P heads and GT40 tubular intake - ( leaking head gasket).
Before i put it back together- I was wondering if I should take advantage of the situation and upgrade to the Trick Flow top end kit.
I have a Vortech V3 SCI supercharger - and a F cam with the supporting mods ( 60lb injectors-fuel pump etc.)
This is a dependable daily driver that will never see the track........ Last year i drove it for 9 months straight.
Or I could do a stage 2 porting on what I have. Go through the heads with porting -also stage 2.
I do and have felt that the heads are holding back a lot of potential and with the Trick Flow 170's my engine will be more efficiant and not working it as hard.
Just looking for some input and suggestions. What would you do ??????
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Aug 8, 2003
Since you run a supercharger I wouldn't expect too much change with a h/c/I swap.
I definitely would not pay to have p's ported.

My biggest concern would be why the head gasket blew and did it do any damage to the shortblock.

For advice on what to do, that's a tough one.
Do i think you are going to get $2500 more fun by changing to to the trick flow kit? No
Would i rather have twisted wedges than gt40p's? Of course.

I'm also bias for the gt40 tubular. If i still had a pushrod engine and it had a vortech, i would have a tubular gt40.
If i had a NA 347, i would not.

darryl paarman

Active Member
Aug 13, 2013
ft bragg nc
was blowing white smoke. I pulled everything thinking it was the head gasket .
I recently found out the pcv valve was routed incorrectly by the P.O. ( see my previous post )this has been fixed.
The coolant leak was from the intake gasket - not the head gasket.
Compression was good - 150-155 all cylinders, no oil in radiator, no coolant in oil .
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Sep 5, 2001
Seaside, CA
I agree with the comments and to add:

GT40 tubular is better on the street. It makes more low end than the trick flow intake and it doesn't cost much on the high end. In fact, area under the curve if you're revving to 6500 or less will probably favor the GT40. Porting it will likely favor it over the TF intake up top, too. Given that you're a street car, that low end is nice to have.

The heads are definitely a worthwhile upgrade over the P's. And, in fact, at the same amount of boost, it will make a bigger difference than it would on an n/a combo. What you'll actually see, if you leave the pullies the same, is a reduction in boost, lower IATs, and a substantial increase in power... a win-win.

You really should address whatever caused that HG problem, obviously. I'd be worried about too much timing or too little fuel. Hopefully, the gasket worked like a fuse before any piston damage. But, straighten out the tune & you'll make more power, too.
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