keep it at the track

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    Someone posted on another board that their friends dad was killed by this driver.
  2. I almost cried. That pic is sooo disturbing.
  3. WOW!!! that's a shame. Makes me think twice about aggressive street driving. Did the Stang driver pass away also, cuz I dont see how any1 can survive that?

  4. Good question.. The cockpit is remarkably intact on the mustang.. I guess it's possible.. :shrug:

  5. Both died. Estimated 120 mph
  6. OMG,
    Just looking at that picture i feel sick. thats just really sad.
  7. You are right, at the track. Its a shame!
  8. That will make you think twice about it for Sure!!!
  9. that's unfortunate. it will make me think twice before flooring it.
  10. What was the Mustang racing? A family van or suv? :rolleyes:

    Take it to the track...
  11. That must really suck, but I won't pretend I never went above the speed limit.
  12. +1... just gotta be careful when & where.
  13. I doubt the other car he hit was the one that he was racing. The other guy that he was racing better hope he don't get caught.
  14. Im not sure if he was racing someone else or just flooring it. He lost control and went over a median and hit the van head on
  15. Man that does suck very badly...I feel for their losses :(

    Unfortunatly I could probably find horrable wrecks caused just by going to sleep at the wheel, or talking on the cell phone. Wrecks happen all the time...a VERY VERY VERY small percentage of them are caused by street racing though. yes its still a life...and if you look at each individual event it really hits home, but then just think about how many Americans we are loosing each day in this darn war...if you got down on an individual level with each person that dies daily...war, cell phone driving, driving while tired, driving with bald tires in the rain, would hate each one with a passion. People make stupid decisions every day...its only the ones that are focused on that draw our attention. Unfortunatly its ALL about perspective :(
  16. hotmustang331, I hope you don't condone street racing. I would be surprised if you did, as you seem like a reasonable, thoughtful person. Surely you believe that no one has the right to jeopardize the lives of innocent people. I offer this respectfully, and hope my interpretation of your post is incorrect.
  17. I don't think that he's condoning street racing.

    I think what he's trying to say is that more wrecks are caused by ways OTHER than street racing, but you hear about it more often. Street racing most likely makes up a very very small percent of fatalities in the "grand scheme" of things, but it's much more publicized and people make a larger deal out of it.

    It's one of those "biases" just like how the major news organizations generally report death, destruction, and corruption over all the good things that happen every day.