Keep My Car Or Order A '14?

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  1. Do I keep my '93 or order the '14 I've always wanted - Grabber Blue GT with GT Track Pack. Let's here the pros and cons!



  2. If you can afford to keep the fox (you wont get much trading it in anyway due to age) keep them both! Seriously, I have a 2011, but foxes just have a whole different fun factor to them. I wish I would have kept my '86 T-top, but it would have been a shame to use it as a winter car and I couldnt do it.

    That being said, these new cars are great. I love the power delivery, steering feel, comfort and style of the 2011+ cars.
  3. You have a beautiful fox, i hate to see it go. I say try anything you can to keep both. The new cars are awesome, but in 3-4 years, there will be something faster and better out, and you will still have a $600 car payment. This is what keeps me from even entertaining the thougt of a new mustang.

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  4. If you get rid of the fox, you will miss it sooner or later. The 2014 is cool in its own right, but the fox has a more raw feel that you will your sig!!
  5. that grabber blue one is sweet....

    id a 2014 is your dream car then go for it.. be cool to keep both but thats not always possible..
  6. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy a 2014. After a year of ownership, the completely redesigned 2015 will come out, and you'll hate yourself. Kind of like all the guys who went out and bought 2010s when the Coyote was right around the corner.
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  7. That's more of a financial decision if you ask me?

    $40K for a Mustang? Or keep a Fox mustang that's paid off? Thats for you to decide....not us.
  8. We have to assume that the payment is not a consideration,..and you're asking more from a "will I regret it later" type of question as a result of you selling the Fox.
    Which brings me around to you must be getting a decent amount for your current car if you are considering using the proceeds as a down payment towards the new car.


    Nik is right,..this would be the albatross year to buy one in front of a completely new model release.

    RangerJoe also has a point. Novelty wears off real quick after the third 600.00 payment w/ 57 more to come after that.

    Just let me go ahead and stick this spoon in your eye now,...That's how you'll feel when you tell your ins company to bind the new car and they return w/ a quote.

    Your Fox will never feel like a new car, The new car does not feel like a Fox ( If that is something you like about yours).

    At one time there were a Bagillion fox bodies running around,...and owning one made a "so what" statement at the car shows cruise-ins. Now they are pretty rare, especially for a nice one like yours. It's the S197's that have become the commodity now,....don't forget the new bowtie and high water's a wardrobe prequisite for S197 owners.
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  9. Keep the fox, you will regret letting her go if you do.
  10. Thats a tough question, but I like the way Mike broke it down. You seem to have a very clean fox and if you decided to sell it, with knowing very little about your car I'd say your in the 9k neighborhood. If you sell it and decide 2 years later you made a mistake the odds of you finding a clean fox like that are slim so your faced with sinking another 20k into a resto mod. Now if you keep the car save up for a deposit you could have the best of both worlds.

    I've struggled with the same decision and at the end of the day my thoughts are I'll purchase a 2012 or 13 in the future (5 to 7 yrs), let them depreciate and the current owner take the hit. This weekend at a local car show there must have 30 newer mustangs, and only 5 foxes and out of those 2 were worthy of being in a car show. I love those odds, its easy to make a new car a show piece.

    My next venture will be an 03 or 04 cobra (not yellow @ I've always wanted one!!
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  11. Post more pics of your car I'd like to see it
  12. I would like to see the interior. I love interiors.

    I would keep the fox and save up for a year and buy a 2015 mustang. You could pretend that you have a car payment of, say, $600 and toss that into your savings account every month for a year. If you can do that, or save up the absolute maximum without making you feel broke all the time for a year. If you do $600 a month for 12 months, that is $7,200 you could use as a down payment. If you get payed every week toss $150 into your savings per week, which would work out to be $600 dollars a month. You decide what you can do. Now if you save up all this money and decide you don't like the new mustangs you could either buy a 2014 or toss that into your fox. Whatever you do, keep the fox. Good luck!
  13. I'm kind of in the same boat. My 90 is my DD. I just bought the wifey a new 13 base 6 cylinder and let me tell you, there is no comparison between the two cars. The new Mustang is light years better in every way. Even the 6 cyl is pretty darn quick. I'd love to get a 13 GT but am not about to spend 40K for one. I may wait until I can get either a low mile 12 or 13 for under 30K. With my X plan, I got the 6 cyl for about $20500 before TTL and with financing paying $275 a month.

    If it were me, I would keep the fox and get the 14 if that is what you really want. The few thousand they will give you is maybe 40-50 a month when you finance it difference. Get Grundy or other collector car insurance for the Fox to lower the bill. Trust me, you will regret selling the Fox. Look around and see what is available in older Fox body cars and ask yourself if you wanted to buy that car how much would it cost? I see a lot of ragged out cars for sale. If yours is in above average condition it's worth keeping.

    I'll be keeping mine when the time comes to buy my new car FWIW.
  14. Keep the fox especially if you have the extra garage space. Everyone and their mother has a new edge Mustang. Like they said above the shows are packed with them. Clean foxes are so rare these days, and you got a very nice and clean fox. Keept the fox and save up some money for an older low milage new edge that somebody else already took the depreciation hit on.
  15. Get the new one. You'll buy another Fox down the road anyway. I've had a S197, 2006 and I do miss it. I bought my 89 to keep me in the game. Not the same but to me if you rolled up in either car, I'm giving you thumbs up and I'll want to check them out. Good luck.
  16. No way I'd sell such a clean fox for that sort of payment personally.
  17. The fact that you're even considering it tells me you're probably not as attached to your Fox as some of the posters in this thread think you should be. Ultimately it's going to be your itch to scratch. Don't let anyone here tell you how you "should" be thinking. If you want it, make it happen. If you weigh it out and decide it's not for you, then it wasn't meant to be.
  18. No no no not the reef !! don't let it go you will regret it !

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  19. Sell it to me!!!