Keep My Car Or Order A '14?

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  1. Why not both?
    It's only money. It's not like you can take it with you when you die.
  2. Well I can't afford to have both plus my wife would kill me if I put her new CX5 out side!

    I have too many hobbies and I feel the Fox is taking to much time from other things I enjoy. I'm getting burned out on always having something to fix. Right now I'm chasing down a surging idle issue at the moment and cruise now doesn't work.

    I'm not worried about the payment too much; the car I want is around $34k and I'll have around 20k for a down payment after I sell my car, quad, and some money I have saved up.
  3. My car has 74,000 miles and is in pretty good shape. Now every little thing works (except cruise - use to work) GT40P top end, painted engine bay, 5-lug 4-wheel disc w/ working e-brakes, suspension goodies and the list goes on. Almost every part replaced is new OEM Ford or Ford tooling. I worked at a dealer for awhile and was getting smoking deals on parts. Tons of new interior parts down to new OEM switches and a non-broken ash tray door the dinger still works. The car could use a better passenger door because someone replaced it with a pretty rough one (inner frame rust.)

    Here's a little run-down on parts:
    GT40P heads done by Skytower Performance
    GT40 intake - ported
    Trickflow Stage 1 cam
    ARP head bolts
    MSD 6A ignition and coil
    March underdrive pulleys
    C&L 76mm MAF
    Ford Racing stainless headers
    BBK offroad H-pipe
    Flowmaster mufflers
    B&M short throw shifter
    Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
    Motive 3.73 gears
    New OEM oil pump
    New aluminum radiator
    New water pump
    New heater core

    Ford Racing B springs
    Poly isolators
    Strange adjustable shocks/struts
    Maximum Motorsports XD rear lower control arms
    New rack and pinion (poly bushings) and tie rod ends

    5 lug with 4 wheel disc brakes
    SN95 94-95 spindles, calipers, and master cylinder
    New 93 Cobra booster
    Adjustable proportion valve
    Working park brake
    New carbon fiber disc Traction Lock

    17" Pony R wheels (two months old)
    Raptor tires (less than 5,000 miles - no wear)
    New OEM 5-lug spare w/ jack and lug wrench

    New headlights and OEM Cobra tail lights
    New OEM cowl vent
    New OEM hood insulator
    All new weatherstripping and belt moldings
    All new door pins and bushings plus rollers and plates that hold the doors open
    Power windows/locks with keyless entry
    All new OEM Ford window and lock switches and plates
    LOTS of new interior trim pieces
    Working ash tray door with new ashtray
    OEM Ford radio/cassette
    Hatch cargo net and pull cover

    Here's some old pics of my car.





  4. Oh yeah, also have a pair of these...
  5. If I can make a suggestion. Don't put 20k down on a new car. The cost of money is so cheap right now. I got 1.74% on a 5 year loan on my 2013 Mustang I bought for my wife. You can take the 20K and keep it in the bank and peel off the monthly payment. Rather than tying up your money in a depreciating asset, you can keep it liquid, invest it in some safe dividend paying stock, and still have access to your money You can always pay off the loan early if you want.

    Examples $35000 amount to finance

    $20000 down
    $15000 loan
    2% interest
    60 month term
    $263 a month payment
    $800 in total interest

    $1000 down
    $34000 loan
    2% interest
    60 month term
    $595 a month payment
    $1700 in total interest

    It will cost you about $800 interest on the $150000 loan vs. $1700 in interest on the $34000 loan over 5 years (+ $900) which IMO is a lot less than the depreciation on the money, and does not factor the opportunity cost of investing that money. Assume you take that 20k and put it in something like MO or a safe utility that pays 5%. Even if the stock doesn't appreciate over 5 years. Your 20K is worth about $25,500 with reinvesting the dividends. Subtract the $900 in marginal interest paid from the $5500 in gain on interest, and you are $4600 ahead. Of course, taxes and the ability to write off the interest on the car loan are additional considerations.

    Just my .02.
  6. Wow, that's a beautiful fox. Not that I could afford one, but if I could I would probably only invest that type of coin in a new one if it would be my daily driver. It would be tough for me to get my ahead around that type of investment if I was only going to drive it a few times per month. And from what I've seen what they are saying is true. Every show I go to is filled with all types of new stangs - from Shelby to Rousch. All beautiful cars but I rarely stop and look for more than a few seconds because there are so many. If I see a sweet fox I'm all over it because there are usually only a couple. And obviously I'm a little biased... Whatever you decide good luck. It's a nice dilemma to have P3243603.JPG
  7. That looks like the mustang my parents had until I was a teenager. Same color and LX anyway.
    Buy the new car. I'm not a fan of all the modern conveniences, but I understand the whole, 'It's always something' issue.
  8. @ reefblue thats a nice ride, not sure about shipping but if you actually get serious about selling it PM me.
  9. this makes me sad.
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  10. I built my fox. My dad helped me install the engine. My best friend helped me paint it.

    .. That said, i'd sell mine for that 2014 in a heartbeat. Or a terminator. :)
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  11. I really like your car man. Can believe you would part with it.

    I'll help you with the first payment on that '14 though. How much for the windows? :)
  12. I have had a 11, 04 Mach1, blown 96 2 valve and about 8-10 foxes.

    I am just a Fox guy

    The only car I would consider getting rid of my Fox for is a V wagon.
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  13. A Volkswagon!? why????
  14. Lol a CTS -v wagon
  15. Ill stick to a cts-v sedan, black please
  16. If money was no object I would build the hell out of my fox. Anything newer than '93 just doesn't do it for me...Plus, riding around in something that you don't see everyday is nice. You can't throw a rock onto a public road without hitting an S197.
  17. I stopped being a teenager 5 years before it was built by Ford. Your parents had good taste!
  18. That's really too bad that you cant keep it under a cover outside. Such a nice car, and you have done so much with it. I understand the wanting a new car that doesn't need anything, but then ended up putting a full suspension under my 2011, CAI, tune, wheels, spoiler, and now I am chopping up my hood just to make it different... If you own a mustang, good luck leaving it alone, no matter what the model! I'll be watching to see what you choose!
  19. I appreciate everyone's input because I knew a lot of you seen it, done it, etc.... Either tho I've been driving the car more because of the weather, I still want to get rid of it. I now work swing shift seven days on and two off and most days are twelve hours - so I have no free time and hate working on the car. Plus the new cars have A/C!
  20. this brings a tear to my eye but you cannot force yourself to love it it will never happen