Keep My Car Or Order A '14?

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  1. Of course the s197's are all over the place right now. Foxes used to be all over the place all throughout the 90's. Anything thins out 20 years after it has ceased production, I wouldnt let that even be a factor in the decision as long as you plan to keep the new car for a long time.
  2. No way in hell I'd pay $20k for a 93 Cobra personally, even if it had zero miles.
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  3. Really???
  4. Same here. Maybe $15k. That's just what it's worth to me, though. The market obviously has different feelings.
  5. Meh, to each his own. I would pay exactly zero dollars more for a '93 Cobra than I would a '93 GT in similar condition. To me, it's just another Fox with a weak-ass HCI.

    Now, you go '96-up Cobra, and suddenly you have a very distinct difference in cars between the GT and Cobra...
  6. '93 Cobra with low miles and zero flaws would be the ticket.

  7. guess u missed my point nick i know a couple people that after selling their foxbody mustangs tried years later without much luck finding a very similiar foxbody, 93 reef blue hatchback mustangs in great shape arent growing on trees last time i checked lol i would some how if possible keep the hatch and order a 14 bet if you do keep both down the road you will sell the new mustang before the fox imho

  8. I did just that. This is not to say the new cars aren't awesome because they are, I just like them rotten old Foxes better
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  9. Oh so now right now I have just another weak-ass car?
  10. Reef, it's all relative. Consider that Nik has TFS 205cc heads on a 302. So um.... yeah. GT40s and TFS205s are night and day. He's just saying he doesn't get anything more from a Cobra than he does from a 5.0 with a H/C/I.
  11. My comment was absolutely not meant to break your balls, man. I just have never shared the same love for the '93 Cobras that the majority of Fox guys do. What I was getting at, is that mechanically, the '93 Cobras are entry-level by today's standards. I understand the exclusivity appeals to some people, but you can sneeze in a Summit racing catalog, buy the parts that your snot lands on, and end up with a Fox that outperforms the Cobra in every way.

    That's just kind of my attitude on everything. Special edition cars don't do much for me, especially if they aren't terribly different mechanically. I think limited production badges and signatures of famous people on dashboards are kind of stupid. To me, your car is cooler than a '93 Cobra. :shrug:
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  12. Since it is clearly a weak ass car, I will offer you 2500 for it


    Please provide paypal and pick up location

    K thx

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  13. Well Nik, you are going to think I'm really stupid because I have a Carrol Shelby-signed glove box door for a '65 Cobra :bang:

    I don't care about the '93 Cobras limited numbers too much, but as for the ground effects/grille/ spoiler, GT40 motor, rear disc brakes, and air conditioning all from factory on top of picking up one unmolested with low miles. My car had at least two hack-job previous owners and I'm tired of fixing their neglect and poor mechanical skills.
  14. Haha, let's see how many more times I can put my foot in my mouth in the thread...

    Haha, like I said man, to each his own. I also don't follow pro or college sports of any kind, so what's your favorite team? Maybe I can pi ss on them for a while. :p
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  15. This is too much fun!
  16. Well boys, the '14 is ordered!
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  17. I take it you sold your fox then?
  18. keeping both??
  19. I haven't sold it yet - no one is really interested in it. Financially I could keep it, but I have no room or time for four cars.
  20. Store it for a while. Give it a couple of months where you don't even look at it, then take it for a drive. I was scheming every way I could to keep my 95, but after I went all winter without driving it or even seeing it, I got it out this spring to clean it up with the idea of putting a ridiculously high price on it so that no one would buy it. Took it for a drive, and although I still like the car, I was no longer "attached" to it, and was OK with seeing it go. You may have the same result, or you may find out that it's that special car that you always want to keep around. That time off will help you know.

    BTW, enjoy the 14! Definitely keep us posted on pics, mods, etc. The S197 forum can use some guys that know how to work on cars to keep the hobby growing.