Keep My Car Or Order A '14?

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  1. Thanks, Husky. I noticed there's not much going on over at the S197 board, I was surprised by that. I ordered a basic 300A in Grabber Blue with GT Track Pack and Recaros. I'm planning on keeping the car low-key with the mods - Roush axle-backs, FRPP X-pipe, Steeda CAI and tuner, Barton shifter, and a Boss 302 grille.

    Meanwhile, trying to sell the Fox is agonizing! I get about four calls a day asking me the same questions that have already been answered in my very detailed ad. Then I get two different guys wanting to trade me "straight up" for ragged out SN95 cars that need painted and are bone stock - my ad says first thing NO TRADES! Now I'm getting guys calling back from two weeks ago saying "I'm really interested" but not one person has came and looked at it yet! Sorry, I had to vent.
  2. Sounds sweet! Love GB. My son has a GB vert too. The Recaros are awesome. I hate driving anything else now.

    I think the biggest problem on the S197 board is that there's a lot of noobs who have never had a performance car before, and didn't grow up working on cars, so they are intimidated. I think it will grow as more guys get on there who can help and coach, instead of mock and judge. Heck, I didn't used to be a genius. :D

    Can't wait to see your car when she comes in.

    No good advice on selling the Fox. I got lucky on my 95- first person that called bought it. Older lady who missed her T top fox. Everything was good until she told me she was ordering a personalized plate: BTRCUP. I almost no-saled it right there. :-o
  3. My buddy has that same grbber blue...I love it. Gad u ordered what u wanted.

    Ive always tend to lean toward blue cars.

  4. Congratulations. I cannot argue that the new car isn't awesome,...because they are. I've watched you kick the decision around on here for awhile, I'm sure you'll be more than happy w/ your choice.

    C/L is a love/hate thing. When you're buying something,...the deals are there, so most come away happy. When selling.......obviously a different story. Regardless of where you are trying to sell it, seems all car selling formats are that way anymore, everyone of them have the same goobs like the ones you are talking about above,....including the thieves that " Are out of the country, and want to be sure that your ad is legit",..if so, they are prepared to have their agent pick the car up and ship it to them,...and Oh,... by the way,... are ready to pay you waay more than you are asking. :nonono: ( for the "shipping" and all)

    I think by and large, despite all of the other model forums, this is a Fox board. Personal experience from trying to find info on the Cobra. You'll have to go elsewhere to find what you want for the new car,...and then come back "home"here to hang w/ the homies.
  5. What do you want for your FOX? You can send me a PM if you don't want to post it here. I may be interested.
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  6. Dude, what a choice. I still say keep the fox and get the '14 if at all possible. I am driving a Fox because I can again, not because I could not get a new car. But the 405 HP Coyote and great driveability is very tempting. I bet even the V-6 would be a great daily driver if you do not need a rear sear with ANY leg room. Unlike Ford, I do not think I need to chop my kids off at the knees to go for a family ride.

    Be nice to the respectful guy who just wants to talk about the car and cars in general. Often, I have had that one be the one who shows up with cash and does not bicker on price the next time he calls. For example, one was retired and wanted the right toy and someone to ask questions if he ran into trouble, and another first had to be sure he was selling his gun collection for the right car. It could be he is checking you out to know how you have treated his next baby, and who knows, maybe he is looking for a car buddy too. A new friend and CASH are nice bonuses for a little shop talk.
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  7. I wouldn't mind posting what I'm asking, but I don't want it to turn into "what is it worth thread."
  8. if I had A big piggy bank I wouldn't hesitate at offering you close to 10 but that's just me .... my notch obviously states in the thread that it drains any savings LOL I love your car dude that the one thing I miss is that reef color

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  9. Be sure to post up pics of the 14' when you get it. Drove my 91 today for the first time in weeks, it is kind of a pain in the wrench department, but it feels good to drive.
  10. Just type in Grabber blue mustang gt on google images...It will be the same thing.
  11. :neat:
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  12. bought a new 13 v6 for the wifey a few months ago, and let me tell you the damn car is QUICK and handles 100X better than any fox body I've owned. I know you cannot compare the two, but it really is apples to oranges. The 13 is so much more advanced in technology. I love my 90 though and wouldn't think of selling it.

    Next year I hope to get a used 13 GT for me as a new DD- let someone else take the hit on depreciation. 420 hp stock and it will go 100K miles. Amazing.
  13. I sold my car a little over two weeks ago. I'm going through withdraw with not having any toys - sold my Stang, 450R, and my old CB450 needs some work to be ridden.

    Talked to the dealer today, have a VIN and my car is scheduled to be built in August and should come in around Sep/Oct. A lot of people criticise for buying new, but I think my situation makes sense. I wanted a brand new car that I could pamper and take awesome care of - a car that no one owned before. Grabber Blue and the GT Track Pack were must-have options for me and it was hard to find either let alone together on a car. I do not care for leather or all the bells and whistles, that's why I went 300A - I always felt a muscle car should be low optioned. I used to work at the dealer and they hooked me up with pricing - out the door was the same as a no option, bone-basic GT.

    I really wanted a Boss 302, but I couldn't afford $12K more than what my GT is going to be. Between the Track Pack and Recaros I ordered, I'll have a lot of the Boss's cool options in a plain GT - should prove to be a uniquely optioned car years down the road like my old Fox is now.
  14. This guy's car looks identical to what I ordered:

  15. I wanted a Boss so bad when I got mine. I could have swung it, but I wouldn't have wanted to drive it in the rain and park it around all the tards I work with. I'm picky enough as it is with this regular GT. lol I wish I could have gotten the track back and Brembo's, but I got the only base RR GT in the city two days after it was delivered. Good luck on the wait, I couldn't do it. I waited less then two days from the time I decided to get mine and having it in my hands, that was enough.
  16. i hope you got good money for your car !
  17. a little sad to hear one of my favorite foxes on the forum is gone, but congrats on your new car.
  18. Gonna be awesome! And please, post up some pics of YOUR car when you get it. I realize it looks "the same", but it's not.

    Stinks that you got stuck behind the plant shutdown, but the withdrawals fade from memory pretty quickly once you get the car. It'll be worth the wait to get the car built exactly to your specs.
  19. Yeah, kinda like "black fox body". Why are you wasting bandwidth with a sig pic?
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