Keep the old clutch or upgrade now.


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Jan 14, 2019
New Hampshire
The question is. My clutch was replaced right before I got the car and has less than 1500 miles on it. The current motor is a stock 302, hooked to a 3550 trans. The motor going in is 351w stroked to a 427. There is going to be a jump in HP for sure (200 to 500+). I am wondering, as the car will only be used as a cruiser, is it worth doing the clutch now or just go with the new one in it? No, I don't know what clutch is in it and I have 36 hours to use someones garage to do this swap. So I wont have time to pull it out, see whats there and then order, wait if needed and put in. Trying to save a buck but also don't want to mess up to big.

So, roll with the old clutch, should be fine. Car won't hook anyways and load shouldn't be that bad?
Get a new clutch now and just get -er-done....and not get the rad and fuel lines right now?

It's New England so it will be off the road for like 7 months anyways.

Previous owner (My dad), whom I trust as he owns a small engine shop doesn't know what clutch went in but assured me it wasn't a garbage one.

Thanks for the input....waiting to be swayed.

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I'd be looking at jacking under the house
Jun 28, 2020
Memphis TN
Unless you're going to run drag slicks, the clutch that's in there will hold better than the rear tires. Leave it I say.
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Nov 25, 2005
Sounds like you are going to have the motor out. Personally I'd wait to see what clutch and pressure plate it has in it when you are doing your engine swap. You will be running a different fly wheel with the 351w. I'd say mate the clutch setup to the engine going in.
I burnt a spot in my flywheel with a clutch and pressure plate that couldn't hold the power. Mind you I do run slicks and hit 150hp shot of nitrous.