35th Anniv Kelly blue book VS Nada. Why the big difference?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jcint, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. I looked up my 99 gt LE 120,000 good condition on kelly bb around$5000 then check on Nada around $13000 Why the big difference? Which is more accurate in your opinion.:shrug::shrug:
  2. My problem with NADA(although I am quite happy they see it as a seperate model) is that you are not allowed to put in mileage. That info affects the price of any car substantially.

    Now as for KBB, my GT with apprx. 67,000 miles in excellent condition lists retail for $8700. But that is on any GT in 1999, they do not list the "Limited" as a different model. So the value is lower than actual.

    So, I figure somewhere between the $13,000 top figure and the $8700 my GT falls in there somewhere. I figure on the middle end around $9,500 or so, not because its not in excellent condition(low mileage older/new cars are there), but very good condition.

    Not knowing your car makes it hard to really tell, but I would figure it closer to $7,000/7,500 or so.

    My opinion of course.
  3. Heck I like the NADA estimate even if it's just for show..lol. I guess using both the KBB and Nada can give you an idea of it's value. I love my car too much to sell anyways. She may have 120,000 but she purrs. thanks for the info.