kenne bell 2.2 For Sale/Trade

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  1. I have a 2.2 kenne bell TS Series. ARB E.0. NO. is D-271-12. I got this thing in on trade. I was told that it uses a factory 5.4 truck lower intake. If you have any questions call/text or shoot me a pm. Located in Kannapolis/China Grove. NC ( Was going to put on the 5.4 in my 2000 GT but the compression is too high 11.1)
    2500 obo..always open to trades.

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  2. open to trades..wheels, mach 1 shaker set up, mach 1 seats, just about anything. May trade up or down. Thanks
  3. offers or trades?
  4. is the kenne bell still available? what years is this setup for?
  5. My friend actually has it for sale now. I believe it fits 4.6/5.4 2v trucks. I think he now has the proper intake to make it work. I can get you in touch with him.

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  6. i have a 1998 mustang gt 4.6 with PI heads can uget me in touch with him get me his number and maybe get me the part number of the kenne bell charger? i can contact kenne bell and see if it fits my car

  7. His #is 7047064187 you can call or text him..his name is jeremy

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  8. Willng to trade for an on3 turbo kit with new victor jr intake manifold, edelbrock elbow, edelbrock fuel rails and edelbrock tb?
  9. Hey,
    I actually sold the kit to a friend. I sent him this link and wants you to call/text him to talk about it. 7047064187 his name is jeremy.
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