Kenne Bell 2.4L for 05 Mustang GT-Sick!!!

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  1. Just installed a 2.4L Kenne Bell protoype kit on my 05 Mustang GT. First off, I am in now way associated with Kenne Bell. Just a very happy customer and installer of many of their kits. :D

    Secondly, the install was very simple and a direct bolt on. The supporting hardware wasn't difficult at all. The intercooler and BAP were all very easy. The kit includes a 90mm MAF, 39lb injectors, Boost a Pump, and all the hoses, fitting, bolts, etc. necessary for the's complete!

    Jim Bell already had a couple prototypes in some recent magazines. This is the follow up preproduction model. The 1.7L non intercooled, 1.7L intercooled, and 2.4L intercooled will be for sale in about a month.

    It is very streetable and the variable cam timing adds to the lower torque curve tremendously. It's a monster at 14psi. I have it set on 10-11psi for the street. I'm sure this car is just as fast as any Kenne Bell 03/04 Cobra at the same boost levels.

    I managed 450rwhp at 11psi on pump gas. A little race gas, a small bump in timing, and 14psi generated 505rwhp on a Mustang Dyno. On a dynojet, I'd bet we'd see 50rwhp more. Thanks to SCT for all their hard work on getting the tuning 100%. Also thanks to Kenne Bell, BSP and IDP for all their hard work on making it happen.

    Here's some pics. Sorry the car's a bit dirty, it rained here yesterday and I had to drive it to the shop to install wheels and Eibach springs.

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  2. Nice numbers man!!!

    That thing looks GREAT - it will be just what the doctor ordered - makes the car complete having boost!!

    Congratulations on the install
  3. Talk about changing the appearance of the engine bay, too bad Im not impressed. :( If you can live with the look Im sure you'll love your numbers even more.

  4. Thanks.

    If you don't like the looks of the Ford GT, 03/04 Cobra, or Lightning engine, your not going to like this...they look very similar. Personally, I think it looks bad as$. Nothing like getting rid of the "LS1 style" stock upper and the capability of 24psi w/ built block. :D
  5. Those are huge #s. Is the engine able to run 10psi long term? How much is that setup?
  6. So how did you get the kit exactly? What will the price be once it is released to the general population? How do you adjust the boost? Did it come with gauges? Are you going to upgrade the clutch, internals, or rear end?

    I am going to put one in my car when they come out. I have an email stating that the kits will be released on Oct 1. Hope they are not late because my Mustang will be beddin down once the snow flies and I would hate to have to wait until March/April to drive her with the supercharger.
  7. I am part owner of a performance business and we have the kit on our 05 GT business car. We have a 2.4KB on our 03 Cobra and we also had a KB on our 01 Lightning.

    The stock bottom end will have a long happy life with 8-9psi. I'd recommend a clutch upgrade with 450rwhp and above. I have JBA long tubes, JBA catback, 60lb injectors, BAP, and an upgraded clutch and flywheel.
  8. That is a very nice set-up for sure, but your comment about being as fast as any KB 03'-04'? :rolleyes: I am not sure about that one. The power #'s that you are getting (450rwhp) are less than my upper only stock blower 04'. I am sure you are aware of all this just wanted to let others that may not be too familiar with what KB or Whipple powered snakes make power wise. :nice: It does seem like the 05' has a lot of potential when it comes to forced induction. :cheers: Edit: I just re-read your post and noticed that you said at the same boost levels. You are correct about that, but how many of us running a KB or Whipple will run at only 11-14psi? Kind of defeats the purpose of having one of those blowers.
  9. Very true, the 03/04 Cobra has raised the bar with 600rwhp daily drivers.

    We normally see about 525rwhp on a dynojet with an 03 Cobra and a KB at 15psi on a street tune. We did 505rwhp with 14psi, that was my comparison. Pretty close, not exact. Don't get me wrong, the 03/04 Cobra can make a lot more power on a stock block...but I think the new 3v w/ variable cam timing is going to surprise a lot of people. 20psi and a built block is going to busy these cars in the 9's with traction and a good driver. :D
  10. :cheers:
  11. It's about time! Been waiting for the KB for a long while! Hopefully it meshes well with my auto!
  12. :nice:
    Cobra guys allways try to rain on everyones parade. gimme a break :notnice:
    Nice work on the 05 even If it isnt as superior as a cobra (who cares dude, this is about 05's, not cobras against 05's)
  13. Would it be enough to go wth the 1.7L KB if you don't plan to go much over 10psi?
  14. So wait are these numbers with a completely stock engine or with JBA headers and your other mods?
  15. The 1.7L would be fine on a street car up to about 6-7psi. The 1.7L intercooled is great for those wanting to run 9-14psi or so. I think it's a great choice for a stock block car wanting 400-450rwhp.
  16. does anyone know what these kits are going to run?
  17. I'll take one in polished form...KB'd '05 mmmmmmmmm :drool:

  18. In case you did not notice, it was the original poster who brought the KB 03/04 into the discussion, not the fellow your jumping on.
  19. Wait a sec here....are you saying you put down 505RWHP on a MUSTANG dyno with the STOCK short block? If so, I should put you in a nut ward lol. You are SO lucky that motor didnt let go, you 05 guys are going wild with HP on the stock short block with pressed together rods and crappy pistons...just like the 2V motors...weak. Unless they have better rods than us that someone failed to mention...they are supposed to be weaker than the 2V motors. The limit on those are 420RWHP...after that they are living on borrowed time...heck even @ 400RWHP its living on borrowed time. Im just so suprised it didnt let go. GREAT #s though.
  20. and you know all this how? :nonono: