Kenne Bell 2.4L for 05 Mustang GT-Sick!!!

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  1. I'm also disapointed in the appearance of the packaging, but I guess you can't argue with the numbers. It just looks like they took the path of least resistance to get it in there with no regard for anything else. The '03/'04 Cobra engine is a looker, but this thing looks like 'Frankenblower'.
  2. For those who requested a graph, here ya go:

  3. Hey....nice numbers :nice:

    Just curious....what made you choose that setup over an intercooled centrifugal such as Procharger? Maybe I read wrong, but it seems you can get the ~same RWHP #'s with half the boost. :shrug:
  4. This is great stuff, I love to see all the horsepower freaks modding their '05's. And I'm very curious as to how the shortblock will hold up to these kind of power levels. The Cobra isn't turning out to be absolutely bullet-proof, and it arguably has much, much better internals for boost than the '05 ... so this is a great experiment to watch & learn from.

    Go drive a positive displacement boosted car, and then one with a centrifugal blower, and you will understand exactly why positive displacement blowers rock. The torque is astounding, it's like having a 500 cubic inch big block...

  5. twin screw kills centrifugal in low end...
  6. Plus positive displacement is quieter at idle right?

  7. then it would be safe to say that they have a higher chance of breaking something (trans) when you stomp on it :rolleyes:
  8. Centrifigals really require higher RPM's to make a good, strong curve. High RPMS kill stock blocks, tranny's and clutches. That's why Saleen and Roush offer Twin Screws or Root's blower's on stock block Mustangs. The Saleen S281 and Roush Stage 3 are factory cars with stock blocks that are warrantied by the dealer. If you try to go crazy on the power, plan on saving for a block. Keep it setup like the manufacturer intended and your motor will live a long and happy life. :nice:
  9. I cant remember the post.. but there was somone doing 650+hp on the stock block and he lost "parts" when a syncro? or something pushed him past 7500? I thought the tune would limit the max rpm you can hit??
  10. I have the rev limiter set at 6700rpms and with tire spin, it's easily to hit it through each gear.
  11. If your reffering to my statement of the 2Vs limit of 420RWHP...Its common knowledge. [email protected] for one has backed this up....After that they are prone to quick failure. I guess anything will last for a few pulles...but if people are beating on them it wont last. One guy made like 500RWHP on a 2V with stock SB and its benn running for like 2-3 years...WHY? becuas ehe doesnt race it and just cruizes it. Its just very possable for it to let go on the dyno up there...and shouldnt last long on the street. gives people a false sense of security, thinking they can throw down 500RWHP on their stock 05s and it will be fine and reliable. :rlaugh: But I understand that they should push the limits and see what the breaking point is...just R&D.
  12. It's all in the tune and monitoring. 500 whp might not be too far fetched in the 05. I personally wouldn't want over 450rwhp in a daily driver. A good tuner goes a long ways.
  13. is that 450rwhp cold or all warmed up? haha.. These things lose 20-30 rwhp when at temp :notnice:
  14. Updated pics of the work in progress...

    For anyone interested, we're still progressing w/ performance and appearance mods:

  15. crikey that's a fine looking machine and nice numbers
  16. Lookin good. Not sure I really dig the gauges, but there are not a lot of other good places to put them I imagine.
  17. i would be think that the pistons and rods are on borrowed time if you drive the car hard here and there can't see it lasting beautiful car buy the way good luck with it
  18. Not a fan of the louvers on the side.

    I'm curious as to what other mods were on the car to get these results? Was it otherwise stock with just the blower and a tune?
  19. It isn't about the "tune" after 400HP. It is about the power level simply being too high for the motor. Even with a perfect A/F ratio and the right amount of timing, too much power for the stock internals is too much power. The "general" consensus is that 420 RWHP is the max for the 2V stock block. Even that 420 RWHP is a bit on the edge for those wanting to stay completely safe. Call up Kenne Bell and ask them what they recommend as a safe max HP for the 05 Mustang.

    Engine blowing up aside...great numbers...I am waiting to see what a low compression 3V built short block could do with the 2.4 KB!
  20. ^ Thanks....300BHP/Ton should have known this, not sure why he didnt :shrug: he hangs out around here alot.