>>> Kenne Bell 2V twinscrew SC is here!!!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red Dragon, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Look RedDragon is back, how about an update.
  2. Ken - I seeeeeeee

    Yea, I see Red is back... just sent you a PM!
  3. I think Tim's going to have to change his screen name because of all this condescension. :)

    Yeah, the tunes probably OK but safe and OK are 2 different things. If the tune doesn't take into consideration different parameters that are occurring in the system then it can't react and adjust to them. This is what the Steeda tune does. I don't believe that a chip tune does this. I believe that a chip tune typically overrides parameters to get a desired result. If I'm wrong about this then I apologize but I do believe that this is correct.....

    OK, I guess the term SAFE is a bad word to use here.... I guess you can turn down the timing and have a SAFE tune. But there is a difference between a chip tune and an adaptive tune....
  4. Don't take this wrong guys, but KB already has a "safe" tune IMHO. The car runs great with no detonation and it gets fantastic gas mileage. Not to say that it can't be improved; just that the "safe" tune seems to come stock with the thing. With that said, the unit is new and Tim might be able to squeeze some more power out of it if he gets a chance to play with one. Kb said the tune is for 91 Octane and I can get 93 and 94, so I might put the 11# pully on to see how it works. After driving the car with the 9#, it feels safe to me. I am anal and have a healthy dose of good paranoia, so I will drive the car carefully with the 11#. I have a good feel for detonation so I am not worried about grenading the engine. Now all I will need is some "spare" time to put it on. :rolleyes: They did include the tool to put the pully on.

    I have been away for a few days; that means I have to play catch-up AGAIN at work. Lets hope I can stay grounded for awhile so I can schedule time at Kennedy's. I REALLY am going to go get numbers, but work has been dogging me lately, plus I am in the middle of renovating my new office building. Friggin contractors scheduled to show and become no-shows, bulding parts coming in wrong, etc. etc..

    Hopefully I can schedule some time within a week, but don't hold your breath. There are a ton of new computer viruses out there and that sometimes keeps us real busy for awhile stomping them out. So-far-so-good; no calls yet. I also had a customer's computer room flood last night. Somebody thought that the UPS should be placed on the floor after I put it up on a shelf...... :OT: Ok, I degress. I am sure you get the picture.

    The KB is still running great and each day I check it over with a fine tooth comb. No coolant leaks, oil is staying at the right level, etc. etc.

    There is a bad side to the KB, so-to-speak. My wife has noticed that my right foot is almost always matted to the floor on her mini-van. It is driving me nuts! It is strange how quickly we become accustomed to the ease of power with one of these blowers. So now, when I am in the mini-van, it feels like the thing is almost dead; therefore why my foot is always mashing the gas. Oh.... she wants a KB blower for her mini van. Yes, I almost hit the floor when she said that! :rlaugh: Strange enough, KB sells a reprogramming job for her computer. :p The price seems a little too steep to me though. I think my wife is morphing on me. She also requested that I put my old Mustang trunk spoiler on her Buick Century. :shrug: Funny thing is, it fits like it was made for it. :nice: I will let my son take care of that job.

    Well, work is waiting and I got a ton of it. Be patient (as much as can be expected); I will get to Kennedys withing the next couple of weeks. :bang: ...I hope.
  5. :nice:

    I like that you're going straight to the 11lb pulley. Next the 14lb. :)

    You need to get a raised floor(maybe a little overkill). :) I know what you mean by contractors. I've gotten too fed up with waiting on people to do things. I had talked to someone about wiring my house for cat5 / RG6 cabling(2 years ago before wireless) and after 2 missed appointments, I did it myself. I lost 10 lbs sweating in the attic but I did it myself and saved several hundred dollars.

    Keep us up to date on that dyno.

    Oh by the way, I think this is one of the top 5 threads this year. Congrats....
  6. Grrrrrrrr!

    Well guys, I just took some precious time out of my schedule to post my notes on my install, only to loose them before posting! :mad: :damnit: :fuss: I am not a good typest and accidentally hit the wrong key in my haste to get it typed out quickly. I was 2 minutes away from copying it into my clipboard too because of fear of losing it. So, I will have to do it later. I had hoped to get it out for Brightblue00GT. Maybe I can get it done tonight. I really have to get back to work. This really pissed me off!!! I don't have time to waste. Oh well. Next time I will do it in Word, then paste it into the message area.
  7. god kb are so awesome
  8. Steeda has nothing to do with this.
    I have the ability to REFLASH computers and build a tune..

    KenB,what these guys are refering to is a total package with an adaptive tune.A "chipped" tune can in know way come near the ability of a reflash tune.These cars pull and add timing /fuel per surrounding conditions.Thats why they are all over me to come up with something...:)


  9. How about that test mule. :D I have one for you :D
  10. Red Dragon: Buy your wife a pontiac Grand Prix GTP, then she can have a blower too. My wife loves hers. (I don't because it is almost as fast as the mustang)
    Glad to hear it is working out. Looking forward to seeing dyno numbers.

    Lord Warlock
  11. Sorry Tim, I thought you were working with the Steeda tune as a base... My mistake.. :flag:
  12. No problem Red, when you can. I am still involved with a military exercise all this week, so nothing until Sat will happen :notnice: take you time and thanks tons :nice:
  13. Man, I've been trying to sell mine forever. I know it's a 5.0, but it's sweet, and would make a nice car for anybody's wife. It does have a PMS on it though, because I didn't have any luck with KB's switchchip. They basically guessed at it after I filled out a sheet with all my car's mod's. It detonated like crazy and I didn't even want to deal with them anymore. I just didn't want to keep guessing. I wanted it tuned on a dyno. e-mail me if you want a good deal on a KB car.
  14. awesome

  15. :) After months of begging and kissing butt I got the green light from the financial boss of the house aka."wife" to blow 6k on my stang :) Guess what i'm gonna buy. KB Baby and i'll have 1k left for all the goodies :) I am so excited. How long did the kit take to arrive after the order? Did I mention that i'm excited!
  16. Now just have it sent to my address and we'll both be happy :lol: Oh, and make sure it's the polished one :D
  17. Did Red Dragon ever post any numbers?

    I'm hopefully ordering this kit today! Would really like to see how the driveability thing turned out, and also how he likes it!

  18. WOW this thread got brought back from the dead!!!
  19. Some of us have had numbers posted for a loooong time. See Sig, and website.