>>> Kenne Bell 2V twinscrew SC is here!!!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red Dragon, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. How much did it cost?
  2. Don't forget to fill your tank with 91 Octane.

    Don't want any detonation problems.....

    Can't wait to see your pictures.
  3. You mean 93 ?
  4. They sell the fuel line disconnect tools at Canadian Tire. 18 bucks for a full set. I made my own out of a couple of electricial connectors (marettes), just cut the ends off of them and put a slit in them to slide them over the fuel line.
  5. Maybe 91, if that's the highest in his area. There's no place I know of for several hundred miles that sells 93 from where I'm at.
  6. 93 and 94 are everywhere here in the NY NJ area. :nice:
  7. If you go to their website and look under the tech tips for the 4.6 GT it tells you everything you will ever need to know about supercharging a car.It does come with new 36lb. injectors and a chip.The stock fuel pump is good for more than 507HP,it also comes with a Boost-A-Pump which raises the fuel pressure to reach the demand.Kenne Bell has tested just about everything you can think of.They sure know their stuff.When it comes time to buy my blower they are getting my money.
  8. Sounds great. Even if I had the $ I cannot supercharge with 10.5:1 compression for more than about a day. :lol:
  9. you can pick up fuel line lock tool at Sears, or Autozone
  10. AWESOME! more pics and info asap!! Good luck on the install :)

  11. Looking forward to the results.. Do you feel the pressure Red Dragon?? All of these Stangers just waiting for the final product and the numbers..

  12. :hail2: Looks awesome. :nice:

  13. GREAT IDEA! :nice: :lol:
  14. that KB is def. a nice piece :nice: , almost makes me want to get rid of the D1, but not quite. keep us posted.
  15. What about safety of the tune? I'm torn in between Steeda and this, but Steeda has yet to lose a motor. Impressive..
  16. I believe they are about $3,700.
  17. ooh, good topic :nice:
  18. NEED MORE PIX :D :flag:

  19. I too am wondering about the safety of the tune, but that is the beauty of having someone with the balls to try out the kit before us, he takes the risk and we reap the benefits! Thanks Red Dragon!! :nice:
  20. :stupid: I want one :(