>>> Kenne Bell 2V twinscrew SC is here!!!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red Dragon, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. So sweet...

  2. Whew, what a day. I didn't get back to work on it until about 5:30 this evening. Only a couple of small problems with the install; a missing bolt, directions saying to put wrong size bolts on, had to grind a bolt head for it to fit, 2003 had an extra metal mount, etc. Nothing major yet. Still taking my time and making sure it goes well. I didn't like the interference with the gas line clamp and the throttle linkage. That really needs to be adressed. I fixed it by reversing how the clamp goes on.

    I found the fuel line disconnect tool at Pep Boys and Sears ( I bought both). I also had to go out to get some more tools to make things easier.

    I will post a pic of the blower in the engine compartment. It is still not completely done, so there are still things missing and not neat yet. I will also post a pic of the blower by itself.

    Gotta go back to work!

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  3. Looking good Red...hopefully, you'll consider that webcam idea!
  4. Yum!! I'd love to see dyno numbers and track times to see how this bad boy stacks up against the centrifugally-blown 2V 4.6's...
  5. I called them Thursday the Bullitt kit will be out soon :nice: but Im guessing it will make the same HP as the standard GT but I may not have to go through the BS of turning my car into a GT to put the kit on
  6. Maybe I missed it, but do they supply you with a chip or anything?
  7. Yep they do provide it in the kit...i dont know any details on it though. Its listed on their website as part of the kit. there is also info about paying 100 extra and getting a flip chip for 2 different tunes.

  8. Is it the standard round plastic tool we use for AC lines?

  9. :scratch: Yeah that'd really bite if it was just a GT.

    You're gonna have to remove the intake to install this blower, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a super crappy GT like we all drive. Then again, you may have to replace the fender badges that came on the car. ;)
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  11. tait_gt2002 Hey thanks for turning me into a AH I did not mean it like that
  12. Somebody mentioned $3,700 for the kit, is this correct? What is thier website?

  13. Yea, but there are actually two prices:
    $3699.00 without an intercooler (est 330-340 rwhp)
    $4899.00 with a cooler (est 380-390 rwhp)

    These are minus any other options you get.
    Kenne Bell 4.6L 2V Twin Screw
  14. Ooooohhhhh Nice!

    Congrats!!!..... :nice:
  15. What is the advantages between the Kenne Bell Twinscrew and something like the Vortech S-Trim (other than the methodology of how they work). I'm wanting to get a supercharger and I'm having a hard time choosing what kind!
  16. Hmm..I like that Alternator placement.
  17. Man, $5k for KB w/IC, quess I'll be sticking to Novi2k
  18. The IC'd Novi2k kit costs about the same...

    My logic:
    Novi 2k TUNER kit w/Air to Air Cooler - $4100.00

    You have no fuel components at this point, need pump, injectors, chip. Also need to ship all this stuff. By the time you're done, it would be the same, if not, more money.
  19. Here is the website........

    Kenne Belle
  20. yeah.. but the novi2k can make a lot more power. If I ever go SC, I will get a Novi2K. I like the root type Scs, but don't like the fact you can't make as much boost as I'd like.

    Congrats on the SC Red! :nice: