Kenne Bell 6 Psi Super Chargers Need Advice

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  1. here's the deal, I have an 88 5.0 mustang.I have had the car for over a year now. I am planning to ad a kenne bell 2.1L super charger. the 6 psi kit. I need advice on what other engine up grades I will need to install the supercharger with? the car and engine is bone stock. I have the capitol to buy the kit and most of the parts. I just want to be sure before I buy the super charger kit. I don't have to buy performance heads or build the bottom end up at the same time. I do have plans on doing a top end kit in the future.
  2. I have the KB kit with the bypass valve at 8 psi. It is a good kit. You may want to call and talk to KB tech, there may be an issue with your car having the speed density system. Along with the KB kit, I put in 42# injectors, 77mm MAF calibrated, adjustable fuel psi regulator, 255 lph fuel pump, colder range spark plugs and then took her for a Dyno session. My motor is stock internally for now.
    If your car is MAF, then you're good. Also make sure you order the kit for the stock lower intake if that's what you have. There is a different kit for the GT 40 lower.
  3. Not trying to derail your plans, but I've never been a fan of the KB's on a Fox. Vortechs are easier to install IMO. That being said, Bill gave you solid advice. Look to also add
    Fuel pump
    Timing management
    larger Throttle body

    and make sure your cooling system and trans are up to the task
  4. I forgot to add that, I did install a 3 row aluminum radiator, high flow water pump and new 180 tstat. KB has no inter cooler so you need to do everything possible to reduce heat.
    This winter I replaced the stock Aod with a TCI Street Fighter Aod as I knew the stock one was now on borrowed time.
  5. Sorry but everyone I see use a KB has heat me that's not worth it...and on a SD car you need to use a check valve inbetween the MAP sensor and intake...did they give you that in the kit? if not you will not be able to go into boost I know I had a SD car with boost without this check valve it wont boost....I would look into a vortech or go
  6. thanks, I knew there were going to be some upgrades I would have to do. in order to get the best performance out of the super charger. so the help bill gave me. is very helpful in estimating the total cost of the upgrades under the hood.
  7. I don't have any heat issues even after repeated runs at the track in the summer. Having the bypass valve helps a lot when boost is not needed.
  8. ^^^ Im going with what i hear from others there was a guy on another forum that had it or still has it he hates it...make crap HP...lots of Torque...yes...Big deal...i like Centrifugal Blowers...or better yet...Turbo is the way to go....i also seen a few people build intercoolers for the KB that might help...just alot of Money for not that great of a set up...This is my opinion..i know others like them..Believe Me i was looking at one just after re-searching it i was turned off....
  9. Vortech FTW in my opinion but I think everyone here knows that by now, lmao. PM me if you would ever even consider a screamin deal on a Vortech Kit!
  10. What did it run?
    Be nice to get some times from someone that owns one.
  11. ^^^ Yeah me too dont see that many and the ones i do, they sure dont put down good number torque Yes HP not really last one i saw..didnt even hit 300 rwhp...pretty sad for the money you spend on them...
  12. Make sure you use a by-pass valve and the addition of water/meth is an added plus. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with using a Kenne Bell on the street. As far as making HP goes.........well that is all up to the individual set-up and tune and how much boost a person is running. Typical improvements from boost (no matter how you get it) is expect to see 15-20 HP per lb/ of boost depending on engine particulars. Positive displacement superchargers give a LOT more low rpm torque than a centrifugal supercharger. Plus a Kenne Bell will give you boost based on engine load, in other words you do not have to be at WOT to see boost. Example: cruising down the highway at 60-70 mph, engine at 2,200 rpm, on the flat no boost will be seen. Start going up a hill and maintain speed and you will see 1-3 psi at the same rpm and speed. That will not happen with a centrifugal supercharger, as they are more rpm dependent in order to produce boost. As a result the Kenne Bell set up tends to give a more satisfying driving experience for a typical street driven car. Have 3.08:1 gears? No worries, the extra low rpm torque provided by the Kenne Bell tends to mask to tall of a gear. Try driving a centrifugal supercharger on the street with 3.08:1 gears and everyone will tell you that you need at least a 3.73:1 gear to get the engine to rpm quicker so that you can get the blower into boost quicker.
    With all that being said, there is nothing wrong with using a turbo or a centrifugal supercharger, just be honest with yourself on how you truly intend to drive the car and make your supercharger decisions based on that alone. If you do that then you will not be disappointed with your choice, no matter what anyone else says.
  13. Bullitt I couldn't have said it better myself. I agree, it all depends on what you want your car to do as to which power adder to get. I like having the off idle boost. I think centrifugal blowers/turbos are great for the track at higher rpm's. Boost is boost, no matter where you get it, the two blowers just have different curves.
    Last summer I ran 13.3 @ 109 with a horrible 2.3 60' time (stock AOD), not bad considering she ran 15.2 without the KB. Bandimere is at 5500' elevation...lots of lost power out at this elevation.
    My dyno run got me 305HP and 395 ft/lb at the wheels with all my other mods, again at 5200' elevation.
    I've installed a TCI Street Fighter AOD with a 3000 stall and a few suspension mods this winter so, after another dyno run, she should run better...better 60' times for sure.
  14. ^^^ My stock long block AOD gt convertible with shorty headers,off road H-pipe flowmaster cat back..with a POWERDYNE cheap $600 dollar blower netted me a 13,2 before I was told to leave for not having a roll bar in A vert..being faster the 13,4 you need one...I bet that day I would have gotten a high 12 if I could have made some adjustments to air pressure that was my 1st and last run that day...Oh it was still a Speed density car with 19 lb injectors and a FMU...that was the day I said if I need a roll bar car will be in the 10s so that was why I went with a top end kit and a turbo...Lentech AOD...etc etc etc...anyways im no to impressed with the KB sorry...not for the money aint worth it...
  15. At 5500ft i don't think anyone can do any real comparisons.

    I am kinda surprised though that two guys (bill and bullit) love the low end but goto the track where you will never see any low rpms.

    I have a car that makes alot of low and high end (compared to most pushrod setups). While the lows can be fun (and dangerous), i wouldn't exactly call them useful. Regardless of tire, on the street the power is just never going to hold, unless of course you are in 4th gear when you should be in 2nd.
    I can say almost for sure if i had to drive the car in the rain, i would wreck it.

    I really do think the vortech is the better value. It makes as much usable power down low and much more up top, way less heat, no need for meth, almost unlimited future potential when dealing with a stock block and it's cheaper.
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  16. I'm not saying one is better than the other, just answering some questions the OP had about the KB blower. I figured since KB is the route he wants to go I'd offer him some of my experience with KB. I have driven a few Fox's with Vortechs, they are awesome, especially on the top end. My car spends more time on the street than the strip so I like the instant boost. The KB is capable of 16 psi, future engine change will allow me to up the boost for more fun.
    You're right, 5500' no comparison but it's all I can offer the OP. Sea level would be much better numbers for sure.

  17. Bill, it's been a while but don't you have to cut and/or reconfigure the A/C lines for the KB install.
  18. Mike, you do. KB supplies the necessary stuff to do that. It's very simple but I didn't use it, got rid of my AC stuff.