Kenne Bell A2A intercooler kit for Fox body and sn95

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 92rohcp, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi I am making the modification to the KB manifolds. I would need your and 4 weeks to complete the fabrication and welding. As far as the intercooler pipe goes that has to be fitted while on the car and would be best left to you. I can help with choosing the pipe angles.

    Here is an example of the manifolds with a compact bypass provision that I have designed. I offer this for $1000.
  2. I have read all your threads both here and Corral GREAT WORK!!!. I am pumped to see you offer this. I am all over the place with what direction to take with my street VERT. Now I see this. Maybe a I will get a Kenne Bell abs have you mod it. Would make a FUN street car. Do they sell these kids new for 5.0? Or only used?
  3. How tough do you think it would be to find flexible piping to run back and forth to the intercooler with?
  4. Hi I only do the fabrication and welding to the intake like seen in the picture above. So you would have to send me you kb manifolds and I do the rest. The pipe routing is not hard and can be done locally or by you all the pipe bends are in my instructions from the beginning of the thread.
  5. You should only use alum pipe, even the elbows need to be supported because it sees vacuum that will collapse a none ridged or supported silicone elbow like a 45 degree. Making the pipe fit is not hard and I could help you with that.

  6. I'll probably take you up on that if/when I find the time to do it. So busy lately, I barely have time to scratch.
  7. Always here and and ready to help.
  8. Hi, are you still doing the Kenne Bell fab as described?
  9. Yes sent you a message.
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