Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump?! Is this the best idea? Anyone with f/i running this?!

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  1. Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump?! Is this the best idea? Anyone with f/i running this?! I'm told once I get past the 450 RWHP or so I have to use this or upgrade to GT500 Pumps or better... Does anyone have this Boost-a-pump system?! Whats the general feelings about it? It seems cool and, theoretically if it works correctly it's an awesome product!? ?
  2. I run one on my Fox and my buddy runs one on his KB 06. One small detail so far seems to be a common factor.... Don't use the pressure switch to activate the BAP. Wire it so that it's always activated and set it so that you get fuel you need across the board.

    The issue we both ran into was a hesitation (felt like a misfire) during the boost transition. Removing the pressure switch from the equation got rid of that.
  3. Yeah, I was wondering how it could really be a smooth transition.. so with his S197 he just has it set at the same setting, and all the time.. I guess that will make the instal even easier too not connecting it to activate @ boost..
  4. Yeah... we both did pretty much the same thing. Put it on the dyno, ran the crap out of it, and adjusted the voltage knob to the sweet spot. No issues since. What I really like about it is that it keeps the fuel pump constant. It regulates all the power to the pump. Even if I weren't running boost, I'd prolly still run the BAP just for that reason.
  5. Nice...thanks...I just ordered mine now... your friend has no issues w/ the extra fuel making it run a lil rich at low-rpms/lo/no-boost?
  6. No... he's tuned for that. As you should be when it's all said and done. Particularly if you're running a boosted app.

    What's nice is that you can use the voltage dial to fine tune for elevation and/or tempurature if required. You'll require a wideband for that though. If you don't have a wideband installed, then once it's dyno tuned... leave it alone.

    Adjusting the voltage to the pump (as I'm sure you're already aware) allows you to vary the volume of fuel from the pump.
  7. Yeah, once it get a real, legit dyno tune (next month) I dont plan on touching the adjustment at all..once it;s dialed in w/ the setup I have I want it to stay that way...until I do more mods.. which is always inevitable!! haha
  8. Just talked to the tuner and several other people running my setup... they all say to install it and turn it all the way up to 50!! (maxxed out?!) They have all been running it and setting them up that way for years... thats sounds scary to me, lol..but if thats the "norm"... Where are you and your buddies set at (approx)
  9. Mine is set to about half way... not sure where Dan has his set at... it doesn't really matter though. The fuel pump is liquid cooled (of course) and after running these things for literally THOUSANDS of hours, there doesn't seem to be any life shortening effects to increasing the voltage. If anything, I'd say that having that constant, regulated voltage going into the pump is probably better than typical varying up/down voltage feed it gets from the electrical system.
  10. thats what i've been hearing, as far as the regulated voltage is concerned! I remember back in the days of the huge inline pump and coming to a light and hearing the pump-sound change as the revs drop..haha, I guess as the pump was starving for voltage... Well, I ordered the boost-a-pump and I guess we'll see how it goes!!
  11. Keep in mind that these are fuel systems do not have a return on them. They provide fuel to the injectors by maintaining fuel pressure in the line. The fuel pump is not continuously running; they are cycling to maintain pressure. The more fuel the system uses, the more the pump cycles to maintain pressure to compensate for fuel requirements to the motor. The reason you add the BAP is to prevent the fuel pump from running at 100% duty because once you reach this point the pressure will decrease and the engine can run lean. This link will provided a good explanation of how the BAP works on our cars.

    I have the BAP and run it with the setting all the way up. The only consequence is that the fuel pump a better duty cycle ratio and is running at a higher voltage. However, the higher voltage has not proven to be an issue for pump reliability.
  12. cranked to a little over half...

  13., it certsainly seems everyone agree's it def a good idea.... I'll have mine in a week or so.. cant wait to install it and re-tune the car....
  14. Running the Kenny Bell Boost A Pump for 6 months and my fuel pump failed. Warranty did not cover the $700 cost. DO NOT run full time. Install the bypass or turn it down. I’m running the Brenspeed 650R.
  15. Installed the bypass switch... turns on at 5 psi. I have a Roush SC in my 2013 GT. Been driving it really hard for the last 2 weeks and no problems.
  16. I have a magnavolt system it taps into the fuel pump wires. Then when it reeds boost pressure via a vacuum hose off the intake manifold it increases the amperage to the fuel pump. If you want it text me at 9735575437