Kenne Bell GT video:my first vid!!

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  1. Heres 3 vids of my KB 01 gt, the first one was a quick launch while roasting the hides a little, sorry no power stalling with my brakes i didnt feel like abusing my brakes and 5 speed like that on that day:shrug:
    the second vid is of the tire marks left and the third of my boost guage, these were my very first vids, so enjoy and no i wasnt racing or causing trouble so mods please dont close this thread:nice:
  2. Nice car man..Vids where sweet too.Should have made alonger one!
  3. yeah i should it will be in the works soon thanks mang!!
  4. No problem but i love your car..I should have got a black stang:rolleyes:
  5. Yeah make a few more of those please.... Maybe one of your speedo/tach cluster as you get onto the freeway or something so you can do about 70 or 75 and we can view your mad accelerational capability ;)
  6. nice car man, and that sure is one hell of a long burnout haha
  7. i wanted to hear the blower whine
  8. yeah kinda disappointed i didnt hear the kb scream...
  9. :drool:

    By the way boys, KB's don't make much sound. I know, kinda disappointing. Doesn't seem too bad when your flying by a Cobra though.
  10. every KB I have heard personally made plenty of sound.
  11. lol idk, i thought he was sayin that who cares about a whine when ur walkin a cobra
  12. Hey,I see your from poughkeepsie. I dont actually live there, I work there. I work for the utility company. Nice to see another northern new yorker.
  13. Great vid!

    Are you still on stock internals?

  14. +1 :cheers:

    thats right on the hudson right?
  15. Cool.....wish my car could spin the tires on ice cold pavement. :jester:

    A 2.2L on the Cobra is a whoooooole different ball game. The 1.7L is much quiter by comparison. My Eaton M90S is a lot louder than a 1.7L Kenne Bell......but it doesn't make quite the power. :(
  16. That's a Cobra with a 2.2, not a GT with a 1.7. 1.7's don't make much noise. I've never been in one that you could hear over the exhaust. Maybe you can hear it from outside but sure not from inside. Mine will be in in about two weeks and I will post vids. Having problems with motor install right now.

    Edit: Ooops, should have read all posts first, Gearbanger summed it up.
  17. thanks everyone and yes its still on stock internals, and yeah the kb 1.7 doesnt whine at all, it sort of whisles and thats about it, some friends of mine said they could hear it one time when they were in a car in front of me, but who knows:shrug: