kenne bell or turbo???.....

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  1. it says that you need to get the tubular K-member and coil-over set up for the turbo, its all on how much you want to spend and the KB wont need any of that swapped
  2. The KB absolutely. Kenne Bell is a known quantity. That turbo kit looks cheesy to me from a vendor with far less reputation than KB.

    Also, to turbo a 99+ properly takes twin turbo and will cost about $10,000 IMHO.

  3. Can you explain your theory on why it takes twin turbo to "properly turbo" a 99+
  4. Because 2 > 1 :shrug:
  5. That logic is pretty lame. I mean, their may be a technical reason to back your claim.. and I definitely like the idea of two turbos over one. I don't believe that you can back up the idea the twin turbo is the proper way simply because there are two turbos rather than one.

    Single turbo kits can make as much power as twin kits given the right attributes.
  6. well a twin turbo set up due to there power gains are nice but the piping is more complex than a single turbo but the benefit from having a turbo is that its not belt driven and can make awsome power :nice: but hey its all on how much $$$$$ you want to spend :(
  7. if you have the money, you can't beat a turbo
  8. exactly,.. sorry mcteague your wrong on this one. Even a single turbo will out perform a KB if it is sized correctly. A single turbo can make as much or more than twins. I dont know much about this kit, but I would go to and do some research on this kit. They will have reviews and feedback posted I am sure.

    2/>1 when it come to turbos :nice:

  9. exactly turbo :drool: :drool: twin turbo :eek: :drool:
  10. I agree that turbo is better, I still think turbo is twice as expensive though...
  11. have you considered the 2.2L KB?

    with all the extra suspentin components I would get the KB 2.2L.

    this will give you insane power potential. if you are willing to drop the money for the tubro kit the 2.2L is a no brainer to me.

    although the 1.7L is plenty of power for a street car.

  12. it is due to all the piping and swapping that is involved like the K-member A-arms a few things why its more expensive but like they mentioned above if you gots the cash do it
  13. Pro Turbo is in the May 06 issue of MMFF, Turbo Revolution. Pro Turbo apparently has been around for a while so I don't think quality will be an issue. It says you will need the tubular K, but who cares. If you have the money for a turbo, I hope you can scrape a bit more up and spring for the tubular K. I would go turbo all the way just because it's cool and makes mad hp. Good luck.
  14. man thats me all the way.i read the site in it is just a waiting game,to get the turbo.guess ill have a s-trim and nx kit for sale soon.
  15. A "well designed" turbo kit IS better than a blower IMHO. The problem is finding a really great kit. Everything has to be 'balanced' properly with a turbo. I'm sure there are some really good turbo kits around for 2v motors, but based on what I've seen in some of them, hands down I'd go with a Kenne-Bell blower. KB engineers their kits really well and they are dead reliable.
  16. Hellion makes a damn reliable kit. I know of 3 locally that have been on the car over 2 years with not one issue whatsoever,.. 875 HP on 20psi sound good enough? that is on a 4V.. but you get the drift.

    I would like to add though a major positive for the KB is that it replaces the carp ford intake.
  17. A twin kit for 99-04 is $6300 direct from HP Performance. Full boosted, they push 1000+rwhp. They also include the suspension related pieces. They aren't tuner kits, they include injectors, MAF, chip, etc. Again, that's $6300. I priced them out locally, and found them for under 6.

    A 9# KB costs what, 5 grand? And that's for 400ish rwhp. So bump it up to a 14psi and max out timing, then you're now pushing the limits of the supercharger, and still making not even 3/4 the power of a twin turbo kit that costs only a grand more.

    This is how I reasoned myself in to picking the HP kit. If anything, its more appealing to me because not many people do it.