kenne bell or turbo???.....

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  1. i just recieved my turbo yesterday for mine. im a frequenter of its the only way to go. no belt to break no bottles to refill. its also quiet as hell no tickets for exhaust. hp does make a good kit its just a waiting game for getting them is all. but if you want the best you wait for it.:nice: for me im doing my own kit. if you want to do the same go to the website above very informative for you.
  2. There was a good thread the other day about STS remote turbos installed in place of the mufflers...

  3. I thought that was only for 05+ so far.
  4. the votes seem to be 50/50..... i dont know what to do. if i go with the 2.2 kenne bell intercooled kit, ill have to get forged rods and pistons. on second thought, if i go with the turbo, ill have to get forged too..... i just dont know.
  5. When people change from a TT setup to a single, they usually go for a larger single turbo making way more power, but in exchange for lots of turbo lag.

    If you have the money, go turbo :nice:
  6. A twin turbo mustang would definatley be a beast!
  7. STS will custom fab to any car. My friend is a STS dealer and has one on his 98 Z28. He said it can be done for anything
  8. A Turbo is always better for a power adder but that turbo kit doesnt look like the best design. I would go with a KB if those are your two choices.

    totally wrong information. People who change the STOCK turbos for a single, IE imports supras rx7's, do it for a few reasons.
    A.inline engines a better designed to handle a single turbo not a twin setup
    B.stock turbos are usually smaller and produce more low end power rather than top end
    C.Lag is irrelevent on those cars because they mostly street race and their engines are high RPM based

    I would stop listening to the internet for your power adder information. Go read a few turbo design and engineering books. A V style engine will always have a better power curve with twins. It will always perform better also. And dont even say "well in racing most are single turbo setups" that is because the class restricts the cars running in the class to only allow one power adder. Depending on the class, you cant change the setup to twins, single or nitrous+FI.
  9. Well, if you want unlimited ways to make power, go turbo. If you are looking for a more economical way to make power with limits, get a blower. There is MUCH more labor for a turbo setup. My mechanic had a single turbo Mustang (Fox Body) that ran consistant 7.40's in the 1/4 mile. It had over 1200 HP. So, a single turbo can DEFINATELY do wonders, just A LOT of money.

  10. A question to letter "A"... How can an inline engine with only one exhaust manifold house 2 turbos?
  11. The manifold and exhaust is designed to have the two turbos attached to it.

  12. If i'm not mistaken Mazada RX-7 did it and so did the twin turbo Supra. Yes turbo's are the way to go, but what are you REALLY looking for? something FUN to drive with Great power 2.2L KB or something decent to drive that makes Crazy power when you stand on it and breaks ****. I believe KB is the way to go for you man.
  13. ya, thats what im starting to think too. i want this to still be my daily driver. so i guess turbo is going a little too far... will i have to get forged rods and pistons going with the 2.2L KB???? thanks!!
  14. I found it cheaper by alomst $1500 to do a short block from MMR than to have someone do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING for forged internals... then again i went and had eerything done. PM me with any questions... I'll let you know what all i had done with mine.

    Yes get forged internals then you can run it harder and not worry about the weak bottom end.
  15. MMR has been having a lot of quality issues.
  16. if you don't intend on making more than 400 lbs of tq, get the KB... The turbo is better at making power but also cost more, will at some point make you hate your life, takes forever to get all the parts shipped to your house, makes it impossible to find someone who has experiance tuning one, will eventually blow a ringland on your 4.6, that racing front suspension will make your car sound like the Sanford & Son pick-up truck, the boost will come on so fast and hard that second gear from a 35 mph roll will break the tires loose which will seem cool until you realize that no traction = lost race, import *******s will be able to help you more with you car issues than mustang guys... ect ect ect...

    I guess I'm saying get teh KB and be done with it.
  17. B. They're actually more low to midrange with their sequential turbos.

    C. How can you generalize and say "they mostly street race". What an ignorant thing to say mang. There are quite a few drag racing Supras, and one that I know of on the island running 10s.

    I'm saying go single since we have a fairly large engine and have the low end power already.
  18. i think whats being left out is whats your mechanical ability? this would be a big factor in what you should choose. if your just a bolt on experienced person with no serious engine knowledge your going to have to get a stupidcharger. it bolts on and thats it. a turbo is needing tuned by somebody competent enough to tune it. are you that guy? also it can be a daily driver just like a sc no difference there, but its quieter. if you ever run against a turbo car with your sc be willing to except that you will loose. that may weigh heavy on your mind? or not?