Kenne Bell VS Whipple

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  1. Since the crash erased everything I guess I'll restart this thread. Does anyone know of any significant differences in these two (build quality, customer service, durability, etc...)? I know they are woth twin screws with similar ratings, but if anyone has any experience with either of these companies (or preferably both) I'd be very interested in your comments.
  2. Yea.. I think yrou right.. carsh did it.. I was going to lay into him(nicely ;-) about saying good things about whipple after he going me leaning towards a procharger and right when I tried to post that.. everything crashed.. .. crash told me not to look at anything that does not offer 50% power increase. I want procharger :(.. or I'm going to vortech :( .. I dont want to pay 5K+ for an SC.... noooooooooooooooooooo
  3. I thought the Kenne Bell 05 Mustang Kit was a 1.7L Twin Screw with an optional competition 2.2L. Whipples is 2.3 L. KB's customer service needs some work. Either SC kit should be a good kit.
  4. Neither are available yet, correct?


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  5. I haven't enquired about the Whipple but I know that the KB is not available at this time.
  6. I called Dustin Whipple 2 days ago and left a message asking to buy one. I never got a call back :notnice: :notnice:

    I like the product but at least KB returned my calls.

    so far KB 1
    Whipple 0
  7. You bought the Saleen Twin Screw SC for $5000.00? Nice, I was thinking about that but am going to wait to see what Whipple and KB offer when their kits come out. Post how the install goes with that.

  8. This doesn't really matter, but I like the look of the KB and Whipple... with the belt driving the shaft up on the top and the air going in in the back. IMO it's just got a more destinctive look to it. Like I said, it (looks) don't really matter. I'm sure you'll be happy with the Saleen. You saved $1,500.00 as well.
  9. royb,

    This doesn't really matter, but I like the look of the KB and Whipple... with the belt driving the shaft up on the top and the air going in in the back. IMO it's just got a more destinctive look to it. Like I said, it (looks) don't really matter. I'm sure you'll be happy with the Saleen. You saved $1,500.00 as well.

    I emailed Whipple and asker about a release date. This what they said:

    We are about to release our new bolt-on supercharger system for the '05
    Mustang. We do not have a set release date, but we are hoping to have it
    ready to go within the next couple of months. You will be able to buy
    directly from us or an authorized FORD Racing dealer. We do not have a set
    price at this time, but our anticipated retail price is around $5495.00 for
    the complete intercooled set-up. The system will come with everything you
    need to install it.
    I will keep your e-mail address and notify you as soon as we are ready to
    take orders.
    Thank you for your interest,

    I wouldn't write them off because the president (or whatever he is) of the company doesn't return your call. He's probably busy making sure that the Whipple SC is the best, most reliable, simple to install, and powerful unit out there (when they are ready to release it).

    As TGJ said, share how the install goes... and be sure to share regarding the smoking tires etc...
  10. Not to kick dirt in someones cake.. I just dont know about 5K for only 100hp gain.. vortechs non-intercooled is 420hp and only 3.5K .. I'm waiting to see what prochartger and kenny bell and offer. crash is the main contact.. where is he ='-(
  11. I like the looks of the whipple & the KB . I like the technology of the saleen better. I was going to buy the first one that came to market and it was saleen (for the screw type) so that's why I went with them. KB always build great products with great numbers. I don't know mutch about the whipple but wanted to go with them since they supply ford. oh well
  12. Yeah that's alot it you think about it too much or try to compare it to NOS. I have to have the powerband all the way through for my application so I would not buy a vortech or procharger for this application. Nothing wrong with them at all just not the fit I'm looking for. I will get the power all the way through the powerband unlike a vortech or procharger or paxton they like to cite peak numbers. again nothing wrong with any of them just my inteded purpose is street driving and not 1/4 mile, although I will take it once or twice just to share the #'s
  13. would changing my gearing help with the "lag" of the vortech or procharger? 200 buck gears are cheaper the 2K+ for the whipple =-/ ... maybe I should lose some weight too =-)
  14. :nonono: Well the technology of the saleen is far inferior to the KB !!
    On the 99-04 the KB makes over 100Hp more than the saleen twin screw at same boost. The S281E is rated 445HP with their Gen 5 blower at 12psi, while a KB makes over 500HP at 9psi.
    MM&FF this month just tested the KB for 05 GT. The dyno shows 450rwhp and rwtq :nice: :hail2: There is no better solution out there yet... the 05 mustang becomes a 520HP beast :hail2: !
  15. That's one way to look at. I don't want to take the motor apart (yet) & put forged internals. Boost isn't always the indicator to look at to judge performace. You also have to consider adiabatic efficiency, mechnaical efficiency, & volumetric efficiency. If MM&FF would test each area it would better show the pro & con of each set up. I still have not seen a KB on any car from a tuner that will carry a warranty.
  16. check out Motor Trend May 05 they test a o5 with a vortech and it ran 13.0 in the 1/4 mile (What a joke!) As far as the 5k for ONLY 100hp gain comment all I got to do is change the pully size (blower or Crank or both) and bada bing It could make another 100-200hp :D :D Of course that might set me back all of $25.00 It would need forged internals to take the pressure.
  17. Will ford honor your factory warrantee with this installed??
    I am also very interested in the Saleen unit as I have a 2005 S281 but would like more power. I was hoing someone would get some dyno results on the Saleen before I purchased one. I love the new technology of fliping the blower upsidedown and getting the longer intake runners. Although this does give it that LS1 look
  18. I've always regarded Saleen equipment as overpriced. Both Whipple and KB have been slow to release their product (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). I'll wait for a few months after they are all released to avoid any pitfalls. I know Crash is big on the procharger and Whipple and I was kinda hoping he would chime in.