Kenne Bell VS Whipple

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  1. Having owned both a saleen and a KB blower, I can say I would give a warranty to the KB instead of saleen. They both look factory solid, but talking of efficiency, adiabatic or mechanical or whatever, the KB is fat superior. The saleen generates more heat, and takes more HP to drive. Saleen even installed 2 little fans on the intercooler for their eaton kit.

    Remember these 2 kits are for stock engine, non-forged, so same installation. My current setup is all stock. I was more scared of the heat of my saleen blower at 7psi than the current KB at 9psi.

    KB is designing blowers for mustang, saleen just adapt some magnusen blower for a mustang...
  2. KB and procharger looks good.. i did get the last MM&FF and the 05 with kenny bell looks great. they said on the dyno test straight out that with KB AND 75 shot of NOS.. to get that 525hp.. they had it stock and no forged anything.. and they said it was purring without any issues.. 525.. is what I want!!! WOOOOOO
    Now someone on this board needs to step up with tell the rest of us where to get a discount on the KB system =-)
  3. The Saleen Blower for the o5 GT is NOT a magnuson. They have there own design this year. Your talking about the old saleen technology check out the new stuff:

    you might be suprised.

    if you like KB & want to save some $$ consider a Lysholm blower. they actually make the KB (to their specs).
  4. Heck no, not on the motor. If it goes I will put everything back to stock then take it to dealer and roll the dice. I'll have on a dyno in a couple weeks. I want to make sure I get what was advertised.
  5. Motors can hold up to some unbelievable power for a short time. Just today I saw a video of a turbo powered VW run a 10.3 second 1/4 with all stock pistons & crank, no cage, he got kicked off the track. (he ran it last sunday at the track in Ennius, TX) That kind of power will break something. Point being 525hp on a factory 4.6 block it won't last very long, that's why the cobra has forged internals.
  6. It would help about .4 to .6 on 1/4 mile track. There is no way to compare the flat steady boost of a roots or screw supercharger to a centrifugal blower. You can compare a centrifugal and a turbo for power curve. for racing a turbo can produce more power and is much more efficient than any supercharger design. If you match you needs with the proper system you will be happy with your choice.
  7. Great #'s but YIKES look how close the belt is to the alt. that could cause some problems when the belt stretches. It look like it is resting on it. Could that be the delay problem? Vortech, Paxton, & Saleen all have a product on the market and in use.
  8. from:

    The shape of the intake "snorkel" between the throttle body and the supercharger rotors, has been flow bench calibrated for maximum air flow. Everything in this kit has been designed with expandability in mind, and constant flow without restrictions for maximum horsepower. In fact, this kit is so efficient, expect to generate up to a 50% HP increase at only 4-5 PSI of boost (competitive comparisons often require 10 + PSI to achieve similar numbers), this means less stress on your engine, and less heat.

    This system also features an integrated internal bypass valve for low-speed running; when you are driving at low speeds and don't require boost, the bypass helps reduce heat buildup in the engine, and improves fuel economy.

    This new design is extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free. Integrating the SC housing with the intake manifold, creates a single sealing surfaces which vastly reduces the possibility for vacuum leaks, common on competitive kits. It also utilizes a special lubricant that has an unheard of 50,000 mile service interval.
  9. Great saleen BS, they have nothing to be proud of agains competitive kits! I even would take an ATI over saleen blower anyday. I got a 100% HP increase with 9psi, tell saleen about that :rlaugh:
    I feel safer with changing my KB oil every 12K miles with some redline 5/50 synthetic, than not changing the saleen oil ever...
    Sorry but I love my saleen, but their blowers are just not that good. The numbers are there to confirm.

  10. It should be very interesting to see how this new design runs out and how mush of this is true!! The new intske looks very interesting indeed.
    Is this a whipple style impeller design or does anyone know yet???
  11. I took a look at the Lysholm and there is no info for something on the mustang?? haha.. anyone know if we can get the same thing as KB and whipple from autorotor or Lysholm? and how much cheaper? That will be totally cool if they have a kit for us.. but is it a kit or just the blower itself? And where is Crash??? anyway, thanks for the info guys.. hopefully in 2-3 months I can get an SC
  12. No, both Autorotor and Lysholm are manufacturers. They do not sell directly to consumers. KB and Whipple are the marketing/middlemen for each company.
  13. crap ='-(.. then were can I get a 5K SC for 4K or less?? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  14. well.. look at the torque curve between the centrifical supercharger and twin screw supercharger.. sure the centrifical will give you more power.. but it will for the most part, be at high rpm. The twin screw(Kenne Bell or Whipple) gives slightly less power, BUT the torque curve starts at what, 1200 rpm, compared to 4500 for the centrifical..

    I'll sacrafice some of that high end hp, for an overall more powerful car..

    if you want to see a Magazine compare them, look at the January issue of MM&FF, where they take the stock Eaton, Twin Screw, Centrifical and twin turbo and test them all on a stock 03 Cobra engine..
  15. hummm.. how about just keeping the car at 3K all the time =-)... boooooooooost..
  16. Not true :nonono:

    If you look at the test report, the centri only starts making a little power than the KB around 6000rpm :rlaugh:
    Wanna to keep the car between 6000 and 7000rpm all the time ? :D
  17. The Whipple doesn't use an impeller, it is a twin screw, the other types are the Roots and the Centrifugal. I have a long article that explains the pros & cons of them all (I did post it a while back but due to the crash has gone), if any one would like to read it let me know and I will repost it.

    IMO the Centrifugal is the most powerful and best for drag racing, although still inferior to a turbo, as it does the same thing but still needs the engine to drive it.

    The Roots is cheap but has very poor efficency in every respect.

    The twin screw will produce similar peak figures as a centrifugal (slightly lower) but over the entire rpm it will be more powerful, if your car is to be used on the road or a circuit then the twin screw is probably as good as you can get.
  18. Do it.

    Someone closed that thread before it was played out ;)