Kenne Bell VS Whipple

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  1. like the topic said, kb vs whipple......
    any body test the 2?
  2. Hope by bring this thread back up we can get some comparison on the Kenne Bell vs Whipple now they have been out longer.

    Called Kenne Bell about the release of the 2007 Mustang Supercharger and it is still a month or two away. Have not talked to Whipple, yet.
  3. I just bought the KB, and it was a breeze to put on, thanks to the detailed instructions. Every step has a picture, which makes it a pleasure.

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  4. Forgive a newbie his ignorance, I am just now starting to learn about this. The bottom line is I want a twni screw supercharger, for additional "pin me back in my seat".

    I am looking for additional thoughts on KB vs Whipple.

    I have already come to believe that twin screws (WITH AN INTERCOOLER) is the way to go for me, (as opposed to centrifugal, NOS, turbo, or Roots)

    2007 (turned 1 month old, yesterday) Mustang GT-Premium Convertible
    4.6l V8 (3-valve) with 5-speed, 3:55's in back.

    It will be a daily driver, with rare trips to the local 1/8 mile strip.

    MAIN GOAL is feeding my need for acceleration, and desire to embarrass some Vettes, Goats, and rice burners, at the occasional stop-light showdown, . . . but mostly to accelerate myself silly, till i feel like i need to pee.

    RELIABILITY is a key, with future expandibility being a lesser issue.

    I don't see myself putting in a roll bar or cage in this car, and don't see myself doing other many other mods like cams/heads (other than some exhaust changes if needed)
    (forged pistons, and rods, etc if needed would be ok if the blower/pulley choice calls for 'em).

    I like KB's web site, and feel like I have learned a quite a bit from their FAQ's.
    I had kinda decided on them, despite pwcracer's ordeal see this link.

    Then, i was reading the Supercharger Slugfest Article from MM&FF's July 2006 issue (I back ordered it) and read about how there were no convenient replacement options for the belt other than directly from KB.

    Then I started thinking: if I went with Whipple/FRP, then i could probably get it installed/serviced/warrantied by the dealership, and parts availability would probably be less of an issue, (though hopefully never needed).

    This had leaned me more to whipple till i read the quote up at the top.
    IS THIS TO SAY THAT FORD/FRP HAS 'DUMBED-DOWNN THE PROGRAMMING', thus limiting the potential gains.

    If so, is the whipple any less ammenable to an "outside source" tune, (to reclaim and HP which may have been "dumbed-down') than would a KB?
    If it weren't, would i even notice them?

    i know this was long,