Kenny Brown Ford Mustang suspension catalog

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    OK, everyone. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past three decades, you know full-well the Ford Mustang has always been a treat to turn through the corners on the track or spin down the drag strip. Furthermore, one of the best ways to maximize the experience is via modification to any Mustang suspension setup from stock to “not so”. Kenny Brown Performance isn’t a stranger to the notion of refining chassis and suspension balance & performance to get the best out of every Ford Mustang from the advent of the Fox in 1979, all the way up to the upcoming 2013 Mustang. The latest 2012 Mustang catalog from Kenny Brown features a complete lineup of parts which also touch back to any of the SVT Cobra models spread about from 1979 up through 2004. It doesn’t stop there, however–even Shelby GT500 owners will have something to flip pages over and slap on their snakes with the offerings found within the catalog.
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