Key fob doesn't work for anything


New Member
Mar 13, 2020
Hey! New here. I have 2016 V6 Mustang with 33000 miles. Haven't taken it for a decent trip for about 2 months but did open doors and started the car during this time to roll it out if the way and such... A week ago my key fob stopped working (blinks red 3 times). I changed the key battery - nothing. Unlocked the Car manually and inserted the key it in the ignition slot under the cup holder - nothing. Disconnected battery terminals for 30 minutes - nothing. When I attempted to start the car I noticed that break pedal doesn't really go down (locks?). I don't really mess with cars, so don't have the voltmeter and I'm planning to take the battery to charge tomorrow just as a potential guess as to what could be the problem. Any other ideas I should check out? Thank you!!
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