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  1. I only have one working key for my car and I'm looking for a shop in or around Charlotte NC that can delete all keys and program the computer for 2 new ones. I have an extra transponder key cut to turn the cylinder but the car doesn't recognize it. A locksmith can do it for $150-200 but that including a trip charge. Anyone know a shop that I can take the car to for a reasonable rate? The dealership I bought it at only had one key and wanted to charge me about $125. It's only a 5 minute job!
  2. Try Walmart, I think they can do smart keys now.
  3. They might be able to "clone" one of these PATS keys but that's not what I need. I need a tech to wipe out all existing keys in the cars ECM and learn two unique keys. That way any old keys floating around out there won't work and I can make at least one more spare myself in case one is lost. Thanks for the reply though ;)
  4. That's all I get from Stangnet? Try Walmart.!
    What happened to the guys that know what they're doing?
  5. No one is responding because it's a real easy solution to your problem...... the dealer!! I'm not even sure if they can wipe out the old keys. I've never had anybody request that before. I've had customer ask to replace the keyless entry code but that required the replacement of the SJB. I wonder if they can wipe the PATS code in the PCM and start from scratch.
  6. I went thru this, I found a Guy here in Las Vegas that will Do PATS for $30 a Key if you supply the key, Walmart will not do a Key..

    I took my 2 PATS keys I bought at eBay and they would not cut it saying how they have a Company Policy to NOT do it. however you might get Lucky. they have people in the past complain that the key didn't work and got a refund not knowing it needed to be programmed.,

    I was Charged $30 per eBay bought key to get them Coded to the car, now I have 3 so I can program if I loose one.

    It requires a 1500$ Computer hooked up to the OBDII to marry the key,

    I found this guy Manny on Craigslist, Many cities have a guy like this and most willing to Cut and program your eBay purchased key for just $30 each.. so $60 for 2

    Check your CL in your City..

    If your in vegas I can get you the Phone number.

    the PATS system cannot be erased just written to new keys...

    Link above is the Auto Service in Vegas
  7. The computer isn't the issue, most dealers use a Panasonic Toughbook, it's the the $2,500 VCM (Vehicle Comunications Module) that is required plus the yearly license fee for the Ford IDS software.

    I didn't think you could erase the key code from the ECM, I never had anybody request that ever.
  8. Not the Car Computer... When I say Computer I mean the Ford NGS Mach II Scan Tool its $1900 to $3500 new, but you can get it for $1500 to 1800 used if lucky... on eBay
    82065 Hickok NGS Mach II Grand Master Kit is best
    even buy it at Home depot for the best price.
    There is no fee for the yearly however after every so many years you need to buy a Module to program the newer keys.
    Older fords can use the Hickok NGS XL Ford OBD Scan Tool Scanner $650 tool used..
    it uses the NGS Slim Card, they go for $20 to $50 used and are for blocks of years... like 1984 to 93
    You cannot erase the key code from the ECM, just replace it. From how I understand it that when you add a key you erase all keys and add the ones you want at the same time.

    "NGS mach ii provides dealer level diagnostics on ford, Lincoln, mercury vehicles. Power balance misfire diagnostics, automated EVAP monitor test, abs service bleed functionality, pats key reprogramming, access to proprietary ford module data and much more."
  9. Thanks for the input. I do believe there is a way to remove old keys, whether it's deleting them or overwriting them. My car is a repo and the one and only key I got from the dealer was not an original so there's at least 2 out there somewhere that can potentially start the car.
    I am a locksmith (not automotive) and I have several friends that are locksmiths but none of them have the automotive equipment. Apparently it's a pretty big racket here in Charlotte.
  10. When a tech programs keys he must have all of them at the time of programming..
    the keys get cleared when programming new ones.
    So lets say you have just one key and want a new one, you need old one there to be programmed to have 2 working,
    If you have lets say 2 new keys and do not add the 3rd older key it wont work..
    You will have just 2 new keys and 3rd older key wont work..
    I have 1 key now, the guy told me to get 2 Blanks from eBay, so i have 3, if I loose 1 I can program another on to it if the tech programs with a computer/ECM coder/Hickok NGS XL device you need all the keys...
    IF you have 3 keys and loose one and use the 2 to add a new 3rd key the old key you lost will not work.
    it gets programmed out of the loop...
    so in programming any key that is not there during the programming will unlock doors but nothing else.
  11. Update: I was browsing my local community's web site and found a sponsor that was a locksmith, Burley's Lock and Key (704-395-2000). He came over within 30 minutes and added the key I already had cut for $60. Only took 10 minutes. He was a very nice guy and professional, worth every penny. I bought another key off ebay and added it myself in case I lose one.
    Vegas, I don't know what brand equipment he had, I'm sure it wasn't Fords, but he didn't have to wipe out all keys and re-learn them, he just added one. When it's done it will the device will tell you how many keys operate the car.
  12. I've seen those cheapo Chinese programmers on ebay. Mr. Burley had a legit programmer. Probably cost him $3500 years ago, he's a licensed locksmith in NC.