Keyless Entry?

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  1. Does anybody know if I would be able to install keyless entry? I heard it can only be done if the car had the option from the factory? My car has an alarm but I don't want connect it....
  2. Yes, it can be done on your car even if it didn't come with the option from Ford.
    I installed one myself with a trunk release button option.
  3. How is that done? My wife just bought a 2000 Mustang V6 and it had a keyless remote that came with the car, but even after changing the battery it doesn't work.

  4. In your wife's case I'd look at the remote module.
    I believe it's in the driver's side door.

    Any car with power door locks can have a remote keyless entry system installed.

    I bought mine from Pepboys years ago. It's a Bulldog system.

    Just a pain to get to the wires because they're between the driver's side kick panel and the fuse block under the dash.
  5. Do they atleast come with instructions lol
  6. You can buy a factory remote on ebay for around $10-20 and give it a shot to see if yours is already installed, and they come with instructions. ..

    The remote may need to be programmed. how to program a keyless entry remote and you should find the instructions. ..really easy, just a bunch of steps, like turning the ignition on and off 7 times...cant remember exactly..

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  7. If you mean the black box it should be in the truck behind the carpet on the drivers side.

  8. Yeah they do. You'll need a wiring diagram for you car too. I used my Chilton manual for that.

  9. Yeah, you're right. I was thinking about the auto down module.
  10. Lol figures I don't post here in years and when I do I misspell and write truck instead of trunk. I've had my my bouts with that stupid box on the Mystery Machine. My trunk leaks and it dripped on it frying it. I was able to take it apart and dry it once or twice but the last time I tried I couldn't get it back together and broke it.
  11. My wife got her remote working. It just needed programmed.
  12. Yes! I was right for once...glad you got it working...and if I was you, I would get another one just in case...I think you can program up to 8 of them...

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  13. I didn't even think about it needing reprogrammed until I saw it. It doesn't have a Mustang on it. Didn't they still have the remotes with the Running Pony logo on them in 2000?
  14. Not sure to be honest....I cant remember the last time I saw an originalbkey fob and not a replacement. trying to figure out how to tell if my 96 gt had the factory keyless installed...

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