Kid Says Don't Sell The Cobra 2

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  1. So put the Cobra 2 project car on kijiji up for sale and got waaaaay too many inquires. Thought I wouldn't get to it for awhile - so thought maybe time to move on as much as that pains me - its stored at my Dad's acreage an hour and half away so hard to work on (time and money). Still have to paint my '65 stang and finish that up!!

    Bought it two years ago - 100% rust free for my then 12 year old son to work on. Once the cash offers came in I told him its up to you - $1000 bucks right now and you can go buy a crx or something else that you can drive everyday - even in the winter to high school.

    Driving around this long weekend he saw a white and red striped Cobra 2 driving (Ron from Calgary???) - no way he was going to sell it. He said "you don't see any of those around - and you can always buy a driver for school. That one looks alot like the new Shelby mustangs!"

    Nice to have that voice through times of weakness. He still wants aluminum seats in it for the road course and still take it to school in the summer! First image is the nicest one I have seen in "our" colours. Next is as is - 100% complete (though in pieces) so we got lucky. View attachment 72483 Mustang 2.jpg he summer.

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  2. Not many around... that's for sure. I see a lot more classic mustangs than I see Mustang II's. Your car is looking pretty good... not far to go.

  3. Smart kid-hopefully he will remember that. Then he won't have the remorse so many of us have when we get rid of our first car. I'd say keep it too. If it is more or less free and ok with your dad, it isn't costing you anything to leave it where it is and you can always get back to it when time and funds allow. Money is nice, but memories last....