killed my engine w/ pictures

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  1. Carnage really isnt too bad thank god. Bent a rod and broke some of the piston off. Happened while testing my n2mb wot box and missing a shift. Engine started ticking right after, limped it home and parked it for about a month till I had time to trailer it to the shop.

    Anyways the engine is getting Manley rods and pistons. Im keeping the stock crank since I dont plan on surpassing 600whp. Heads will be staying stock except they will be getting timeserts so I can stop worrying about my plugs every time I change them. Once I upgrade my fuel system Im going to shoot for around 500whp maybe more and Ill be happy. That wont be for a while due to other priorities.

  2. Damn that sucks. Didn't you just put the blower on? Im glad that you managed to not put a window in the block!

    This is exactly why Im forging the bottom end WHILE putting on the blower. Those pics send chills down my spine.
  3. I had the Kenne Bell on for about a month or two. Before that it was boosted with my Saleen Series IV for about 10k miles but made 50 less hp and 30 less tq at the wheels.
  4. Oh thats right, I remember now. Saleen blowers are such garbage.
  5. Check that crank very well....

  6. Word. +1.