Killercanary's new buildup thread...

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  1. Well, the buildup is officially under way. I'm keeping tight lipped on the final project but I will continue to update this thread as the pieces come rolling in. Before the speculation starts just know that the car will be NA... for a while at least.:D

    My first piece of the puzzle just arrived. As many of you know I hurt the car last year and haven't done anything with it until now. I had a lot of time to sort through what I wanted from the next buildup, and I needed all that time to save up the cash to do what I have planned. I wanted to start with the strongest foundation I could so I wouldn't be worrying constantly if the block would hold what I intend to throw at it, I think I can rest better at night knowing this is what will be under my hood!

    I have to thank Kevin at for the great customer service and quick turnaround on getting me this block. Kevin has provided me with some of the best customer service that I've yet to experience in this hobby. I can't wait for the rest of my pieces from him to get here!!! If you are in the market for anything from a block and rotating assembly to AFR heads and everything in between, I HIGHLY suggest contacting Kevin.




  2. Thats awesome, hope to see some even better "Killer" times this year from you. :flag:
  3. Damn Paul, your the man. Nice piece!!!

    Don't hold out, TELL US!!!!
  4. Good to see you in the hunt again Paul :nice:

    You do remember you tipped your hand a bit to me you were up to something a good while back in that pm.

    I would have told everybody you were up to some kind of sneaky business


    When you get to be my age ... you sometimes have a tendency to forget those juicy tidbits of gossip :bang:

    Look forward to seeing what you got up your sleeve :banana:

  5. NICE:nice:

    THAT looks fun....

    good luck with it.
  6. the madness begins!!! im so pumped dude!
  7. Ruh roh, whenever I see a thread from Paul, Mike, et al, I get vicariously excited (no, not in that way. Excited for you guys. :nice: ).

    Keep us updated (using whatever non-speak as is necessary to keep the secret under wraps). :rlaugh:
  8. I don't think that bottom end will be seeing any issues, lol. Can't wait to see the product!
  9. Awsome glad to see your finially starting to get the project started Good Luck
  10. Ive heard these blocks can support up to 350rwhp safely!
    Good luck, just keep it under the above # as you dont want to split it!!:p
  11. I think I read somewhere that if you put a girdle on it its good for up to 400rwhp!:p
  12. Is this project going to be an aluminum wing? God, Paul, how many times do I have to I have to tell you - Go before show....

    I envy you. I don't even want the block, I'd be satisfied with just having the box that the block came in...

    can I have the box?

    Good luck on the project man, I know it'll turn out well
  13. ....and that looks like the big bore kind too. :D

  14. How come only a 8.2 deck? This makes me think we're going to see a 306. Now, knowing that Paul doesn't like to rev his street cars that high.......

    Worked AFR 185s with that great P3c (I think thats what its called) valve package upgrade
    FTI Cam
    Worked Systemax intake
    30 pound injectors
    4.10 rear end
    10.5 to 1 compression (pump gas warrior)
    blah blah


    Don't forget a baby sit for the little one!

  15. i stopped by and helped unload that thing, its heavy and looks killer there is sooo much more material in that over a stock one. glad to see your project started paul:nice:
  16. Hey I just recieved one of those stock blocks a week ago:D




    and a LARGER one of these from Turbo Technology Inc.



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  17. I saw the first pic before I even read the post and i was just like, Paul, you dirty sumbitch! Awesome man. Can't wait to see the build up. Good Luck.