Killercanary's new buildup thread...

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  1. Paul, What brand pump & pickup is that?
    I see you decided to go w/ the aluminum flywheel, I think you'll be fine w/ that w/ the power level you'll see. I bet you have this thing about halfway installed already, huh? Good luck on the rest of the buildup, and let me know if you want a hand this weekend as im on my long weekend, im off sat. threw wed. so let me know if you want a hand one of those 5 days, cause my car is done now.:nice:
  2. Nice. I am glad you stayed NA. By the way what kind of car is that next to your motor?
  3. Looks like the front of a Mysterious Run-about II.

    The new components look delicious. :nice:
  4. Looking good man. Best of luck with it!
  5. I think thats his wifes yota spyder thingy.

    That looks DAMN sexy....I want to build something like that someday with a T76 or so....any est. on cost so far for the longblock?
  6. I'm saying a Melling HV pump and a Infiniti?
  7. cool i too will be glad to help put it in , as soon as i show up with the rest of your parts lol
  8. Thanks everyone! As soon as I get my heads on the shortblock the ball should really start to move!

    Rob- its a melling adjustable oil pump and canton pickup that goes along with my canton oil pan. I didn't have the pan for pictures oterwise I'd have shown it too. The decision to go with the aluminum flywheel was a hard one. I've stated on here more times than I can count that I wouldn't run one in a heavy car, but as you said I'm hoping in the end the power will be great enough to offset it. I appreciate the offer of help, if I was going to be home this weekend I'd take you up on it, but I'll be at the FFW event in Norwalk. I can't do much until I get the head gaskets as I have to put the heads on the car and determine what pushrod length I need to get the valvetrain right.

    Methodical- The decision to stay NA was an easy one as I could not have afforded the shortblock AND fuel system, stand alone, power adder, etc. Maybe someday I'll really step it up, but its going to be NA for a while.
    As was already mentioned that car in the background is my wife's 2000 MR2 (Midship Run-about) spyder. Its a BLAST to drive. I never thought I'd say 138hp was a blast, but in this sub 2400lb car it is!


    blksn955.o- As for cost, I'm not sure yet (which scares me!) as I haven't recieved all my bills yet, but below are all items that will be included in the end cost of the shortblock once I have it.
    -4340 crank
    -4340 rods
    -forged pistons
    -block kit
    -oil pan and pickup
    -oil pump
    -oil pump drive shaft
    -oil pan gasket
    -oil pan bolts
    -head studs
    -balancer bolt
    -internal balancing
    -engine assembly
  9. looking really good so far!
  10. i met the guy that put that thing together yesterday and he is where i'll be going when the time comes.
  11. Very cool. It makes you feel good when you KNOW your builder did a good job, nothing like that extra sense of security. The combo looks great, I think we're all as excited as you are. Keep us updated with your progress Paul!
  12. Very cool! How much did RNH charge to assemble the shortblock?
  13. Congrats Paul your car is going to be quite awesome! :nice:
  14. hey paul, are those 185's box stock or has ed had his hands on him?

    I just got a new cam from him and it should be going this week. Hopefully sub 12's :)
  15. Actually it is a Melling 10688 HP Series pump 25%+ volume. Fully adjustable, stronger case although they still stamp the housing M68.

    My Dart shortblocks start around $4400 depending on the options, e-mail me for any info, specifics or quotes. I can supply any part from A-Z and anything from a shortblock to a complete crate engine ready to drop in, installation and dyno tuning are also available.

    Paul was lucky I consider him a good friend and I was heading out the door for The bill is on the way, and the pan with fitting and the gaskets should be shipping on Monday I even added a special item to the box I just had made ;) Troy it was nice meeting you as well, remember that offer anytime after I get back you are more then welcome to come down and see the DART and Man-O-War stuff to compare just give me a shout.

    Well I am supposed to be making dinner reservations for my anniversary (1st wedding anniversary is today 7/9) while my wife is taking a nap she'll have a fit if I'm talking cars while on vacation. I don't even think she know's I brought the lap top, but I was ab;le to find a nice wireless signal right now.

    The beach is hot and the margaritas are cold :cheers: :D

    See Ya Guys....
  16. Looks good Paul! Should be a monster, vids when its running please :).

  17. You can tell me ;)
  18. Congrats Rick:nice:

    And its lookin good paul! :drool:
  19. Lookin' good so far Paul! Can't wait to see the result.

    Happy belated anny Rick.