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  1. UPDATE: July 16th

    Well, I got some time today to work on the shortblock and managed to get the head studs, gaskets, and heads installed. I couldn't find the little guides that the pedestal sits in for the rockers so I was unable to check the pushrod length, but I think they are at my parents and I'll get them tomorrow. As soon as I determine the correct pushrod length I'll be all set to start flying through the rebuild process. Its late and I'll have to answer some of the above question later... I'm BEAT!

    Mmm... AFR's!


    Here's Rick's little "surprise" he put in the box for me. Thanks Rick!!!


    Test fit of the oil pan...


    My wife caught me finishing up the torque sequence on the heads... I was tired then and that was hours ago!


    That's it for now, I'm off to bed.
  2. It looks so good man! I can't wait to see it run. :nice:
  3. Paul, Is that pan already tapped for a oil feed return line? Or do you have to do it yourself? I have the tap if you need it, just let me know.
    Looking awful close to going in the car!!:nice:

  4. I welded a bung into the pan so if it is ever needed all Paul has to do is unscrew the pipe plug and screw his fitting in ;)

    Paul that is one of 5 that my wife had made for me as a surprise, I like them since they are powder coated steel and not plastic. Looks good, now get it in the car...
  5. Thanks Jr!

    Rob- I did take Rick's suggestion in having the pan tapped for an oil return line just in case I ever needed it. He told me it was much easier to just do it now than later. I wasn't going to do it since I'm running it NA, but since it is a dart block and we are never satisfied in terms of power, I figured why not, you never know what may change down the road. :)

  6. LOL! I'm trying man. I was mad last night when I couldn't find the little pedestal holders because I was on a roll getting it all buttoned up. As for the license plate ring, when I saw it in the box I thought it was plastic until I picked it up and damn near dropped it because it was so much heavier than i thought it'd be. It'll be going on the car the day the engine goes in! Thanks again.

    BTW- I put the gaskets on dry and didn't use any spray. I made sure to clean the deck surface extremely well with brake cleaner and wiped it down at least 8 times. I torqued then in 3 steps building up to your recommendations on final torque readings. Those gaskets were almost too pretty to cover up with a head!

  7. Yeah since Fel-Pro coats them now you do not have to use any spray, the Cometics are dry so I spray them on the first use. Were the gaskets marked front side? I have heard they were going to add it printed on the gasket. The sets I have used in the past were unmarked, so I just had to make sure the water passages were correct, not a big deal for me. I have some stickers for you as well that I'll mail up. Your build sheet and other paperwork will be coming up late tonight/tomorrow.
  8. They were marked "front" and I'm glad because I don't know if I would have remembered which way they went since its been so long since I'd done any motor work. Are you sending that disc with the pics on it with the paper work?

    The gaskets didn't feel "tacky" but then again I was careful not to touch the sealing surface. Are these reusable like the cometics?
  9. the build sheets and bill will be e-mail... I'll get the pics on disc and drop them in the mail to ya ;)

    Cool, I had heard they were going to add that. Were the gaskets wrapped in some paper, they are usually and if you touch them slightly tacky. Yes re-usable, drill the rivot out, fan the gasket, clean, spray and re apply.
  10. I'll look for the email!

    The gaskets were in a wax paper type packaging. I'll send you a pic of the gasket so you can see it.

  11. I thought fir sure you would be going with stud mount heads after all the trouble you had with the 165's.
  12. Don't worry, I will be replacing these heads next year and the next ones WILL be stud mount. I came across these heads used for a really good price and they allow me to reuse my roller rockers, so I picked them up instead of fixing my 165's which I still have or buying a new set of stud mounts. I simply ran out of money to do this combo just like I wanted right now, so I'm putting it back together with my old stuff and these AFR185's so I can at least get the car running again. Once I save up up enough it'll have new rockers, heads, cam, and intake. I'll probably need a bigger fuel pump and injectors too at that point. Like I said before, this is going to be the mismatched combo from hell, but I felt this was the best way for me to get the car running and have a foundation that'll take whatever I can afford to do down the road.

  13. :nice: I see, Thats why I why I was asking? People always change their mind, especially you!!!:p :p :p :p :p

  14. Actually they are not dry. The Cometic MLS Head Gasket comes with a .001" thick coating of Viton (a high temperature flouroelastomer).

    "Therefore additional sealer is not required with these gaskets."

    This is according to thier website, and I also called them before I installed mine dry, and they specificaly told me to mount dry.

    The build looks like its going great Paul :nice: :hail2:
  15. Dry referred to the feeling on them, the Cometics feel dry compared to the Fel-Pro's. Although Cometic recommeds you install them with out sealer I along with other builders and racers have had issues with the gaskets seeping, so I seal them with a Chrysler MLS gasket spray on the first install. The Fel-Pro already have a "wet" feeling sealant on them and I find they do not seep between the layers, so I have been using them near exclusivly so far with excellent results.
  16. Looks real good Paul. Just let me know if you need a driver to come down once it's broken in. LOL... j/k buddy.
  17. wow i just saw this ... :nice:

    i skimmed through the whole thread and i didn't see if it is a 302/306/331/347 ... ?
  18. Glad that you are happy with Rick's work Paul. Here I got mine running and I'm already starting to look into spec'ing out a new shortblock so I may have to hit up Rick.

  19. First off let me say that your set up looks killer. I really wish to do the same thing shortly. I just did h/c/i and fuel system, and hope to transplant it on a new short block soon. My motor only has 78,000 on it now. Just out of curiousity did you do the short block just because or was yours grenaded? I really wish I had an engine builder like that around me, it would make my decision a lot easier. Around here we have a lot of shops who think they are engine builders, but they are just bolt torquers and parts installers. I know this from the experiences I had with my 91 gt. I wish you luck and aqain it looks killer...canary:D
  20. Damn Paul that looks like its going to be one ****in motor when its all done.