Killing the n/a hp bug with spray...

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  1. Well shipment finally arived with my nitrous works kit.Looks just like this, but it has the spray bar replaced with a spray nozzle
    Basicly this kit is designed for a 5.0, just a few questions such as...when i jet it for 50hp, its not going to spray the equivalant of 50 hp for a v8 (aka ~100 hp on a 4 banger @half the displacement)? I was trying to convince myself otherwise, just pondering such things. an awsome deal :nice:

    ps:anyone know where i can get some crowler rods REAL cheap?;)
  2. You can't spray your way out of a poor flowing head. It helps though :D
  3. Dude! 50 hp = 50 hp, 3 cylinders or 12.
  4. wait, which bug are you going to kill by spraying? Just keep in mind that you don't want to inhale any of the bug spray.

    What kind of bug spray are you going to use?

    :rlaugh: Ok, sorry.
    I have a dry 70 shot in my car right now. Defiantly adds a lot of fun. Keep in mind that the amount of torque produced increases DRAMATICALLY at low rpms. Spraying a 50 shot at 2500 rpm is the same thing to the pistons as a 100 shot at 5000rpm, so you don't want to spray at low rpms unless it is small.
    Also, keep in mind that nitrous works rates thier kits at the rear wheels. A 100 shot in actuality is a 125 shot into the engine. if you have an auto, don't even try to spray more than a 75 shot, because your tranny will slip and die.
  5. the bug im gonna kill is the lack of horsepower bug, its a vicious creature! I've got a 5speed (of the world class sort i believe) so im not to worried about breaking to much (maybe i should be ;)) the kit im using is gonna be a WOT triggerd, and as u suggested ill only be hitting it at higher rpm. Im just looking to experiment on my 2.3n/a in order to have some exsperince under my belt when i slap the nitrous on the turbo motor swap. Basicly it'll just be a (mostly) track only, want to use it for its cooling abilities...though a few extra hp aint so bad either ;o) I'll keep it hooked up for daily driving, juuuust incase ;) ya never know when a situation may arise, say "more than u can afford pal, its a farrari (insert rev of whiny motor here*)" like that would ever happen, but just in case.

    on the WOT switch, its going to be wired (obviously) with an activator switch first to turn the system on, so when the t/b fully opens it engages the nitrous/fuel cylinoids does that mean when i left off the gas when i shift it kicks the nitrous off , untill i pedal2themetal it? seems like thats how it that case seems like i would get some nice burnt rubber each shift as i drop the hammer....sounds like fun :p
  6. yep that's how it works. We probably have the same kit from NW btw. Don't forget you can put a rpm window switch (like MSD's on there too) so you don't hit it to low or try to shoot above the computers rpm limiter.
  7. ya, im saving for that as we speak..i love my motor to much to see it go up becuase of my error :rolleyes:
  8. :nice:

    ......she's gonna blow captain! Give me more fuel! Give me more fuel!!!