King Cobra Clutch?

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  1. Hi guys..

    Im in the market for a new clutch. I was think of the king cobra clutch kit. Its looks good for the $$$. The thing is whats a Valeo king cobra and a regular KC. Also I saw a ram KC!...Witch one is the good one the one from ford racing? :shrug:

    Also were is a good place to buy one...I need it to be shipped to Canada were I live. Let me know..thanks guys :)
  2. Well from what i've seen alot of guys on here aren't very big fans of the king cobra... idk why i liked mine, i'll probably go with one again i really like how you could feel it
  3. KC Clutch

    I got mine form Works great. I have had no problems.
  4. I have no complaints so far. I havent 'reeeally' laid into my car yet due to the new trany, but i've barked 3rd with it, and it grabs like a SOB. My only gripe if any is that it lets out really fast, but i'm getting used to that. I do think i'm going with a Centerforce Duel Friction next time around. I've driven a few cars with them and they're sweet clutches.
  5. For the same money or less you could have a SPEC with better pedal feel and higher HP rating- and I've never heard a complaint about one, unlike the King Cobra. To answer your question, the King Cobra is made for Ford Motorsport by Valeo. The Ram, and the D&D, King Cobras are their own versions, but aren't FRPP parts. Oh, BTW, I'm another one of those who had a King Cobra (the real one) and hated it.
  6. I got an FMS heavy duty clutch. The only difference from the KC I've ever read or heard about was the KC's pressure plate geometry which reduced pedal effort 10%. Mine was made by Valeo and I think my car had the same clutch in it before I got it. When I pulled it out it was marked Valeo and the new one feels/acts the same as the old(minus the slippage). I got it from Summit for ~$160 and it was packaged in a Ford Motorsport box.
  7. no trouble with mine either...and lots of 4k launches on dr

  8. nitrousracing over on corral classifieds has them for like 150-160 to your door.
  9. My SD KC w/ceramic disc has held up great. I use the same setup Dave (Forced347) used before he sold it. only thing is you can't buy this setup just anywhere.

  10. isnt the valeo one the frpp kc?? i had a king and i loved it
  12. So the ford valeo King Cobra is the real KC right? and thats the one I should get?
  13. Valeo makes many of the clutches out there. My ZOOM pressure plate says VALEO on it. The Clutch disk is not King Cobra tho because I went with a muliti friction Kevlar on one side ans reg on other side It hooks too.

    The Valeo King Cobra is the one to buy. Thats what Nitrous Racing sells he also has a Heavy Duty King Cobra. I was gonna buy it but bought my zoom clutch from a guy on ebay for 140 shipped and it was 250-270 new. I couldnt pass it up.
  14. Should I keep the the throwout bearing thats comes with the kit. Or should I buy A high performance one beacuse I dont want that thing to squeek!
  15. Hey 95Stock50

    How is that new Ected working with the launches? Does it seem to go straighter
    with both tires working together?

  16. Ok pulled out my old clutch..can someone tell me what clutch it is. Heres the part # E57 M7550A302 It says valeo on it also. The KC ends with my old one the stock application?