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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by Bigpauli, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. !1978 King Cobra.One owner 4,671 orig Miles.Clean pink in hand. Stored since 2002.Had blown head gasket ,new heads included.No accidesnts,bondo or major dents.A little weathered on the paint and front driver seat head rest.Split sunroof.Top End needs to be assembled.Pics available.$4,000 .Buyer is responcible for pick up.Hurry before its 50-741-3021 Ca.
  2. Blown head gasket and less then 5,000 miles???? Sounds to me like it has 104,671.
  3. Re:Sparxx

    I'm sorry but your'e mistaken.The car is an orig.under 5,000 Orig. owner did a radiator flush and didnt tighten the rad.drain petcock.Then let his daughter drive it and she didn't pay atention to the temp idiot light and there went the head.
  4. Any documention to prove the mileage? Also do you have any pictures?
  5. pics would be nice, and dont all IIs have a temp guage, not a light??
  6. mine does
  7. i agree, i thought they all had guages.
  8. I've seen the pictures on Craigslist. Looks like 104k to me. Car has a ton of not-so-fabulous modifications, including the sunroof. Why do all that hacking on an ultra-low mileage car?
  9. He must have realized we weren't falling for the "low mileage" and left. He hasn't posted anything in awhile. Its sad people have to try to take advantage of other this way.
  10. Re:Sparxx

    I haven't posted because people who have families like myself work for a living and cant 24-7 on mustang forums all day.I can see why you have (0) friends in this forum.Jelousy wont' get you far in life my friend.If you doubt the integrity of my car your welcome to call me any time or I'll email pics, just ask!The only reason I'm selling myCobra is I'm moving and have other cars to bulid with not enough space.So before You assume get your facts straight,Jr..
  11. Sorry a hole but I do have a job and work, most likely harder than you. I also have a family, I have a 6 month old daughter. I for one have not come to this site just to try and sell/unload a car like you have. As for friends I have enough and don't need you. I made my remarks after seeing pictures of your Cobra from craigslist. It has been brought up on other Mustang II forums. I can say that I'm not the only one who thinks your not being truthful about the mileage. It first of all the hood decal is badly faded and would mean the car would have been "stored since 2002" outside in the weather. Also other signs that have made your mileage claim questionable are the aftermarket cb/whatever it is under the dash. People who have low mileage cars don't usally add crap like that when trying to keep their car a collectable. Not to mention the poor condition of the front air dam. So there you have it jerk, now what do you have to say for your sorry self? I'm still wondering why you haven't posted any pictures here yet? Too stupid to figure out how?
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