King Cobra Wheel Spoiler

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by MasterMind, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got a King Cobra wheel spoiler? i have the right side factory, i cant find the left nor a set:(
  2. Are you asking about the front air dam, or the the rear spoiler? Check eBay. There are tons of rear spoilers on there any given day, and the front air dam pieces pop up every once in a while. Be prepared to spend some cash for the air dam pieces.
  3. He said "wheel spoiler".... he might mean thespats at the rear wheels

    which are next to impossible to find
  4. what the hells a wheel spoiler
  5. It's a Control surface "Wing" located in front of the back tires adjacent from the mud flap. The spoiler is a fast look supposedly keeping the car on the ground avoiding lift. The King Cobras Had these on their sides matching the front as well.

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  6. i can not believe i just double posted editing that darn reply, ARG,,,
  7. Ok, i have found a place here in my area the sells these parts Brandnew or used, new it will run you $438.00 or close to it, and used is around $150.00 per side. the site is

    You might think thats high, but i have the right side, and i probley will be buying the left side from this guy soon.
  8. darn man, i got the email too late? for some reason i got the email today at 2/13/06 . i apreaciate your help but dang i missed it. i feel like kicking my self because i have been checking ebay for spats every week, i guess i didn't search hard enough, DANG i think i just got ill lol. :bang:
  9. I know, I didn't bid either
    and I regret it!!
    even going on a coupe, they would be awesome.
  10. another pair went up on ebay
    ending bid was in the $170 range
    seems a bit much :(
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