Knowing If You Have An Aftermarket Cam

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  1. We are buying a '92 LX 5.0, and the owner was fairly young. The last owner told him it was a rebuilt 306 with .030 bore over, and an e303 cam. I watched videos with the e303 cam in it and the car sounds like a beast, but they also have headers, xpipe, and sometimes other mods as well as the cam. So we started the car up and it just doesn't sound like it has an e303, or any aftermarket cam in it.. Do you need to have aftermarket headers, and possibly an xpipe to hear the sound that a cam provides?

    Is what I think of, and it just doesn't sound like it's about to stall like cammed stangs do.

    whether it is rebuilt or not, we're getting the car for a GREAT deal considering the kid has no money to fix the car. engine runs strong, only need a new pair of tires and rims, and a back brake.


    Do you need headers, and possibly an Xpipe as well as an e303 cam to get the sound that a cammed stang has?
  2. The e303 does not have a ton of duration, so you may not notice it very much. I don't think any letter cam is worth breaking a sweat over. If you like the car, buy it regardless of the cam in it. I'd be more concerned if the engine is actually a 306.
  3. Yea I was thinking about that also. I mean it's 2 grand, and from the test drive it runs very well. We just need to get a pair of new brakes and tires/rims all around and it'll be good to go. I'm not sure how to check whether it's a 306 or not, i'm sure my dad would though. Either way, it's 2 grand, runs strong, has a nice rust-free body with pretty solid lines most the way around and is a 92 notch LX. The car definitely sounds nice and he has a newer dual exhaust on it.. we're picking her up in 3-4 hours so we're gonna inspect it and :poo: like that. We plan on putting big bucks into the car, gonna be nice.

    Oh, and thanks for the reply.
  4. I have an E303 cam in my 89, and it has a lope to it that the stock cam didn't, but I do have the H-Pipe and flowmasters.. so possible it's just more noticeable. The car doesn't sound like it's going to stall, as you seem to expect - at least not since I had the vacuum lines fixed.
  5. If you can get a solid notch for 2k you def should jump on it. That's a good buy
  6. Without a doubt, i'm about to walk outside to build the frame for rocks so she have a nice pad to sit on instead of the dirt, then we're picking her up in an hour!
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